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‘This Is Us’ Susan Kelechi Watson is Happily Married on the Show: However, off-screen, she did not Marry Jaimie Lincoln Smith

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Susan Kelechi Watson’s character on “This Is Us” is happily married, but the actress is single in real life after ending her engagement to Jaimie Lincoln Smith. 

Susan Kelechi Watson portrays Beth Pearson on the NBC drama series “This Is Us.” She has been playing the role since 2016. Watson’s character is married to Randall Kenneth Pearson, played by Sterling K. Brown. 

Beth and Randall’s compelling love story in the series is beautiful to watch, and Watson and Brown have played a huge part in making it so. 

They spoke to EW on why their characters work and revealed that they met in New York University before reconnecting on “This Is Us.”

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During the interview, the on-screen couple opened up about how they enjoy working together and have much fun together. 

Meanwhile, while Brown is married to actress Ryan Michelle Bathé and shares two children with her in real life, his co-star Watson is single.

Though she’s single now, Watson was once involved in a relationship that seemed to be leading to marriage before it crashed. 

In September 2019, Watson announced her engagement to actor Jaime Lincoln Smith known for “Respect the Jux,” “Blue Bloods,” and “Law & Order.” 

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Two months after announcing her engagement, Watson revealed how Smith proposed to her. She disclosed that he lied they were going to a cannabis festival and asked her to look nice.

However, he drove them to a glasshouse church. When they got inside, she realized something was happening and suddenly saw him go down on one knee to propose to her. 

After her engagement, Watson said she was super excited about her upcoming wedding and married life with Smith during an interview with ET. She said:

“I’m gonna be married! You tell me, because I don’t. I’m reaching out to wise, married people. Which I think is any married person because if you’ve been through it, you know something that I don’t know.”

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She added, “I’m excited about it! I’m super excited! What I know so far is that it comes with its up and its downs and that’s a good start. Right?”

However, things did not turn out as she planned. 

In November 2020, a year after her engagement to Smith, Watson revealed she was single. She made the revelation following Joe Biden’s victory at the U.S. Presidential Polls. In an Instagram Story post caught by Us Weekly, the actress wrote

“And I thought becoming Single was gonna be the only eventful thing to happen to me this year #TwentyTwenty.”

With Watson single once again, one wonders if she has plans of dating again. If she eventually begins dating again, it definitely would not be via a dating app. 

In April 2021, Watson appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to speak with guest host tWitch about a single woman’s experience with online dating. 

During the interview, Watson admitted that she is not good with dating apps and questioned guys looking for love online. 

She said she could not understand why those guys post bad pictures on their profiles. Watson explained that she is not good with picking those pictures and prefers meeting in person. 

There are no dating rumors about Watson, but at least any man willing to have a romantic relationship with her knows what not to do. 

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