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Meet Rumer Willis, Demi Moore’s Look-Alike Daughter Who Is Now an Actress

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Demi Moore’s oldest daughter Rumer Willis has carved her own path in Hollywood, gradually climbing the ladders independent of her parent’s fame.

Ever wondered why something about Natalie Wilburn on “From Within,” Amanda Tally from “Hostage,” and “Empire’s” Tory Ash seemed striking? Well, that’s probably because those hot brunette features ring a bell.

The actress who played those roles, Rumer Willis bears resemblance to an iconic Hollywood songstress who happens to be her mom. We’re referring to none other than Demi Moore.

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In fact, Rumer is the oldest of Demi Moore’s three children, whom she shares with actor and ex-husband, Bruce Willis – Another reason she might seem striking.

Who Is Rumer Willis?

Born Rumer Glenn Willis on August 16, 1988, Rumer is an impressionable actress making a name for herself in the industry. As previously stated, she is the daughter of two Hollywood giants, singer Demi Moore and actor Bruce Willis, who were once married for 13 years.

As the first of their brood, the star has two younger sisters Scout LaRue Willis who was born in 1991, and Tallulah Belle Willis, who squeaked into the world in 1994.

Rumer’s birth was famously videotaped by a cameraman who her mom hired for documentary purposes as Bruce didn’t witness the birth.

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Although her parents were happily married at the time of her birth, they divorced twelve years later. Bruce would go on to marry model Emma Heming, giving Rumer two half-siblings.

Growing Up In The Spotlights

Growing up with famous parents, Rumer spent most of her life in the spotlight, making her acting debut at the age of five. She starred alongside her mother in the 1995 film “Now And Then,” and appeared on “Striptease” a year later.

While those early exposures made her discover her knack for acting, the place of education in her life was indisputable. She attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, in Michigan as a child, later enrolling at Wildwood Secondary School in Los Angeles.

Finally, following a brief stint at the University of Southern California, the star dropped out of college as a freshman, embracing life in the performing arts.

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Rumer Willis’ Career

Rumer starred in two films alongside her famous dad, snagged roles here and there before eventually landing a lead role, as Maya in the 2013 movie, “The Odd Way Home.”

Earlier, her performance in 2009’s “Wild Cherry” earned her the Breakthrough Performance Female award at the Young Hollywood Awards.

Rumer Willis’ other notable roles include “The Escort,” “Sorority Row,” “From Within,” “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” “The House Bunny,” and the 2018 film, “Air Strike,” where she starred alongside her dad, marking their third joint appearance in a movie.

Additionally, the actress emerged as one half of the winning duo in the twentieth season of “Dancing With The Stars,” in 2015.

Rumer Willis’ Battle With Addiction

Demi Moore’s daughter has been through her fair share of life’s travails, from feeling pressured as a child in the spotlight to fit the impossible beauty standards of Hollywood, to experiencing her parent’s 2000 divorce and her mom’s relapse.

But one of her biggest battles was her own journey to sobriety. The 33-year-old has been open about turning to alcohol in her early adulthood. In a 2021 interview, she recalled the disturbing phase in her life and when she realized she needed help.

The actress recounted how she embraced drinking because it lowered her inhibitions and gave her a false sense of confidence. To her, alcohol was a tool for becoming a smarter, confident, and more interesting version of herself.

When she realized those feelings were simply an illusion, she was already hooked on alcoholism. She admittedly could barely recognize herself after years of depending on drinking to treat her panic attack.

Journey To Sobriety

Desperate to find herself, the icon decided to give the “Sober January” trend a chance. She challenged herself to beat her addiction without going back.

Six months into her struggle, the star admitted she never planned to take that step but was proud of herself for pulling it off. Five years down the line, Rumer remains resilient in her journey, becoming a better version of herself each day.

In January 2021, she celebrated 4 years of sobriety by reflecting on her journey so far. Rumer commended herself for choosing “myself above the need to distract or numb out.”

She also encouraged everyone struggling to become sober to take it one day at a time. Notably, that broad-spectrum includes her sisters Tallulah and Scout who were also on their respective sobriety journeys, and their mom, Demi Moore who has been open about her struggle with cocaine use and alcoholism.

Family Is Everything

While growing up in a famous family admittedly imparted her negatively at some point, she also experienced moments of bliss. Notably, Rumer was most grateful to be in a family that fostered meaningful and honest communication.

That communication helped her parents build a cohesive co-parenting relationship long after their divorce. She once divulged:

“I am incredibly grateful that both of my parents have made such an effort my entire life.”

She was especially thankful she never ended up having to choose between both parents, as the Hollywood A-listers did their best to ensure they always felt like a complete family.

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