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These States Plan to Ban the Sale of Gas-Powered Cars

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As more and more of us are becoming aware of the impact of carbon emissions on our planet, 15 states in the US are taking bold steps to fight this issue head-on. They’re deliberately passing legislature to outrightly say goodbye to gas-powered vehicles over the next decade. The “Advanced Clean Cars II” law specifies that, as of 2035, only zero-emission cars will be able to be legally marketed in states that are involved in the scheme. After that, dealerships and automakers will not be allowed to sell any new gasoline-powered automobiles.

Let’s take a look at what these states are up to.


Massachusetts is all in on the new law, showing its commitment to being eco-friendly. They’re setting strict standards and even throwing in some incentives to encourage cleaner transportation.

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California is leading the charge. Governor Gavin Newsom is taking the initiative to lead by example. By 2026, a whopping 35% of new vehicle sales must be zero-emission, rising to 68% by 2030. San Jose is already leading the pack in electric car registrations.

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Rhode Island

This small state is also onboard this new law, eager to tackle vehicle emissions with next-gen tech.

New Jersey

Even the home of Bruce Springsteen is embracing cleaner car laws, aiming for more stringent standards to push electric and low-emission vehicles into the state.

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With poor air quality plaguing Maryland, the state is implementing strict regulations to clean up its act. In September 2023, the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) officially accepted the regulation and became the first state in the region to finalize it.

New York

The Empire State is also onboard with reducing vehicle emissions, rolling out more and more incentives to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles.


Another state that is happy to adopt the greener side of things is Washington. They have been environmental activists since before it was the cool thing to do, and its lawmakers are at the forefront of creating policies aimed at preserving natural resources and reducing pollution.


It’s no surprise that Oregon is in, given its progressive and eco-aware reputation. Oregonians are conscious of the harm of pollution and are keen on these new regulations.

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District of Columbia

Though not confirmed yet, signs point to D.C. adopting the rule, potentially cutting emissions significantly.

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Despite previous progress, Virginia’s new governor aims to repeal the law, sparking concerns about air quality.


Bernie Sanders’s home state is committed to swapping gas guzzlers for electric and hybrid vehicles.


The diverse landscape of Colorado is getting greener with the introduction of clean car regulations.


This small but densely populated state is mandating a rising proportion of zero-emission cars, though capping at 82% by 2032.


Lawmakers in Maine are seriously considering the move, indicating a likely shift in the near future.

New Mexico

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Opting for the Californian sales model, the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board adopted the ACC II and ACT laws, New Mexico is making moves to cut emissions through 2032.

These states are paving the way for a greener future, showing that when it comes to protecting our planet, every step counts.

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