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These Are Parks to Explore in the United States

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The United States of America is famous around the world for so many reasons, such as entertainment and tourism. It boasts of iconic breathtaking natural landscapes and vistas such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone.

A lady standing in Muir Woods.
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As expected, these iconic spots attract large crowds annually. However, you could have fun exploring 63 national parks and hundreds more state parks in the U.S.

Indiana Dunes in Chesterton, Indiana, is a gem in the Midwest’s heart. It is a great spot if you love a beachy, sandy vacation. Indiana Dunes is just about an hour’s drive away from Chicago. Indiana Dunes comprises a State Park and a National park with beautiful sandy lakeshore trails and hiking for enthusiasts.

Another great spot you could explore is Ausable Chasm in Keeseville, New York. This remarkable scenic gorge is also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks.” You and your friends and family could explore its incredible trails. Also, you could check out guided tours along the cliffs or go rappelling, river rafting, and other fun activities.

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If you’re more interested in otherworldly experiences, you may want to explore Cathedral Gorge State Park. It offers awesome and alien-like landscapes that will leave you in awe. You could hike through the valley, which was a freshwater lake so many years ago, navigate through slot canyons, and appreciate the beautiful vistas.

Florida is known for its gorgeous wetlands and swamps, and it’s arguably one of the most beautiful states. Florida is also home to the Myakka River State Park. The park has dry prairie vegetation with palmetto shrubs and unique pine trees.

Another great park for hikers is George Washington & Jefferson National Forests. Most of the park is in Virginia, stretching into West Virginia and Kentucky. You could visit Passage Creek in George Washington & Jefferson National Forests or hike the Appalachian trail and take in the beautiful landscape.

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California is another state that has several outstanding parks that attract tourists from all over the country. One of the best parks there is in the state is the Muir Woods National Monument in San Francisco. At the park, you are surrounded by tall old, growth coast redwoods and interesting wildlife like a spotted owl or a bobcat.

Next up is the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest. This forest is so huge that it stretches into three counties in Northern Wisconsin. This is another excellent park for nature lovers. Throughout the year, you could enjoy and experience various activities, such as thrilling hiking trails, several rivers and lakes, and special wildlife like the albino whitetail deer.

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Shore Acres State Park is located in Coos Bay, Oregon. It is another memorable park in the U.S. to visit. From some pretty breathtaking cliffs to a historic estate belonging to timber baron Louis J. Simpson, you will surely have fun walking around and taking in the sights.

As I mentioned earlier, hundreds of parks across America are worth visiting. Although we didn’t get to mention all of them, others you could check out are Staunton State Park (Jefferson County, Colorado), Heyburn State Park (Benewah County, Idaho), Cunningham Falls State Park (Thurmont, Maryland), Caddo Lake State Park (East Texas), and Purgatory Chasm (Sutton, Massachusetts).

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