Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Tennessee Couple Caught Transporting Cocaine Killed in Shootout With Texas Authorities

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A picture of the tennessee couple
Source: OANN/YouTube

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, Texas authorities and a Tennessee couple engaged in a traffic stop shootout, which saw the two shot dead. According to the law enforcement agents, the couple was transporting cocaine worth millions of dollars.

Following the incident on Monday, May 13, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said the couple had been under investigation before the traffic stop shootout. Authorities first identified the couple, Edward and Elizabeth Stevenson, through an undercover mission.

Investigators secured a search warrant for the Stevenson’s home through undercover work. After a thorough search of their apartment, investigators found nearly a pound of suspected methamphetamine. Also, the investigators found suspected fentanyl, firearms, body armor, and ammunition.

While searching the couple’s home, officials found that the two were driving a semi-truck through Texas with illegal drugs. Also, the investigators found that they were armed. Furthermore, the sheriff’s office revealed that the couple once spoke about how they would die.

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“Both Edward and Elizabeth had made previous statements that they would die by ‘suicide by cop’ if law enforcement attempted to stop them,” authorities said. After a search of the couple’s home, detectives alerted the Donley County Sheriff’s Office in Texas and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Afterward, the Donley County Sheriff’s looked into the couple. On Thursday, the county officials flagged down the couple’s car, trying to pull over their semi-truck. However, the Stevensons continued to drive for several miles.

Officials said the two kept driving for miles but came to a halt several miles away. According to the County Sheriff’s Office, the two then exited their vehicle and began shooting at the officials. Officials say they opened fire on deputies, troopers, and officers present.

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During the intense shootout, the officers killed the Stevesons. Fortunately, none of the officers sustained any injuries in the shootout. After the couple’s tragic death, authorities searched their semi-truck, discovering 64 pounds of suspected cocaine.

Officials valued the suspected drug at an estimated $3.4 million. While speaking about the drugs, The sheriff’s office further revealed that the couple appeared to be transporting the drugs to Tennessee. Following the tragic shootout, Putnam County Sheriff Eddie Farris spoke about the probable causes of such incidents.

Farris blamed President Joe Biden’s open border policies for the rise in drug-related crimes. In addition, the county sheriff claimed the open border policy makes it “much easier for Mexican cartel members and their associates” to traffic illegal drugs into states in the US.

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Notably, the open border policy, which led to a migrant surge in the US, has received harsh criticism from Republicans. Many have claimed that the migrant surge has led to a spike in crime rates in the US, especially in border states. Authorities have linked several crimes to illegal migrants in recent months.

While speaking at the press briefing, Farris pointed out that the cocaine seized from the couple’s car would have caused a lot of harm in smaller communities. The county sheriff added that the couple would have mixed the seized cocaine with fentanyl before selling it to individuals.

Farris appreciated the community, thanking them for reporting anonymous tips about the couple. He also urged them always to alert the police when they see anything suspicious.

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