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Tamara Hurwitz: A Peek Into the Life of Bill Pullman’s Wife

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Tamara Hurwitz is an American modern dancer and performer. However, she rose to prominence as the wife of American actor Bill Pullman. Bill Pullman is a famous actor known for his roles in “Independence Day” and “The Sinner.” Aside from being a successful Hollywood figure, the talented actor is also a dedicated family man.

Married for over three decades, his relationship with his wife, Hurwitz, epitomizes love and commitment. Due to their long-standing marriage, the two have been a popularly admired couple for decades. Aside from being a renowned celebrity spouse, Hurwitz is a talented dancer who has performed with several recognized institutions.

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Like her famous husband, she has recorded many successful years in her dancing career. Consequently, Bill Pullman’s wife has piqued the interest of fans. Here’s a look into the life of Tamara Hurwitz.

A picture of Tamara Hurwitz and her husband.
The celebrity couple at a movie premiere. (Source: Pinterest)

How Old Is Tamara Hurwitz Pullman?

Bill Pullman’s wife was born on January 7, 1970, in Los Angeles, United States. Hence, she is 53 years old. Although Tamara Hurwitz holds American nationality, she is of Norwegian descent, thanks to her parents.

Despite being a celebrity spouse, most details about Hurwitz’s background and upbringing elude the media. However, reports suggest her father was an art educator and painter who died in 2012. 

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In addition, there are no details regarding her elementary and high school education. However, after graduating high school, Tamara Hurwitz pursued further education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she met the man who would become her husband.

While her course of study and area of specialization elude the media, Pullman, on the other hand, graduated from the University with a Master of Fine Arts degree specializing in Directing.

When Did Tamara Hurwitz Start Her Career?

Tamara Hurwitz started her dancing career as a child. As a modern dancer, the celebrity spouse has performed with famous institutions, including Ann Vachon Dance Conduit in Philadelphia and Los Angeles’ Rosanna Gamson WorldWide. In addition, the successful dancer has worked with New York’s Jose Limon Dance Company. 

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Hurwitz is a woman of immense talent. Aside from dancing professionally, she is also a dance educator. The accomplished dancer has taught in several settings ranging from dance conservatories to urban YMCAs. Hurwitz has worked with Tracy Penfield, an educator, advocate, dance and fiber artist, and author, since the 80s. 

In 2014, Hurwitz and her husband collaborated in Liz Lerman’s multimedia performance, “Healing Wars.” However, throughout her dancing career, “Passing,” a full-length dance-and-music work that represents the veil between this world and the next, inspired by her father’s death, remains her most significant project.

She created it in collaboration with her long-term co-dancer, Penfield, for almost five years. The project premiered on April 28, 2018, at Randolph’s Chandler Center of Arts.

A beautiful picture of Tamara Hurwitz and actor Bill Pullman
Actor Bill Pullman and his talented wife. (Source: Pinterest)

How Did Tamara Hurwitz and Bill Pullman Meet? 

Tamara Hurwitz and Bill Pullman first crossed paths while studying at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The couple appeared as husband and wife in a school play, “Moliere’s Impromptu at Versailles.”

Later, Pullman directed a play, “The Changeling,” and Hurwitz choreographed it. In 1980, the famous actor graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Directing.

Afterward, Hurwitz and Pullman started seeing each other. The two soon became inseparable, and after seven years of dating, they brought their “Impromptu at Versailles” roles to life. The couple tied the knot on January 3, 1987. Thus, one of Hollywood’s most incredible couples was born. Till today, the couple is happily together.

How Many Children Does Bill Pullman and His Wife Have?

In their three-decades-long marriage, the adorable couple has birthed three children. The famous couple are parents of a daughter, Maesa Pullman, and two sons, Jack Pullman and Lewis Pullman. Their first child, Maesa, was born in 1988 and is 35 years old.

Maesa followed in her parent’s footsteps by pursuing an entertainment career. She is a singer and songwriter known for her album “Whippoorwill.” In addition, she is famous for her songs in “Indigo Valley” (2020), “Terror on the Prairie” (2022), and “Operator” (2016).

After the birth of their daughter, Tamara Hurwitz, and her husband welcomed their first son, Jack, in 1989. Although he stays away from the limelight, he once made headlines after police officers arrested him for assaulting a police officer.

Lastly, the couple welcomed their youngest son, Lewis, in Los Angeles on January 29, 1993. However, the youngest of the Pullman kids is perhaps the most relatable to his parents. Lewis Pullman is already getting ample recognition in the entertainment industry. Following his father’s footsteps, he is famous for his leading roles in the 2018 films “Bad Times at El Royale” and “The Strangers: Prey At Night.”

A picture of Tamara Hurwitz's youngest son, Lewis, and her husband.
The couple’s youngest son, Lewis Pullman, and his father, Bill Pullman. (Source: Pinterest)

What Is Tamara Hurwitz’s Net Worth?

Due to her cagey lifestyle, Tamara Hurwutz’s net worth remains unknown. However, online reports suggest the celebrity spouse has an estimated net worth of $1 million. While the reports remain unconfirmed, it is clear that Hurwitz made a fortune from her dancing career.

Nonetheless, she enjoys a luxurious life, enjoying her famous husband’s $20 million fortune. In addition, she lives on a ranch with her husband in Montana. While the Hurwitz-Pullman love story is certainly one for the books, Tavia Shackles and Clark Hunt’s marriage has piqued fans’ interest.

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