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Karely Ruiz: This Instagram Influencer Has Her Fans in a Chokehold

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Many things cause global warming, but netizens are convinced that Karely Ruiz’s pictures are one of the major ones. Ruiz is a gorgeous social media star whose fame was propagated by her Instagram account. 

She is famous for modeling her curves in casual clothing, often through mirror selfies. However, that is not why Ruiz now has over nine million followers on Instagram. Keep reading to learn more about her and her internal struggles as a young digital star. 

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Karely Ruiz
Karely Ruiz. (Source: Pinterest)

Why Is Karely Ruiz Famous?  

Ruiz is a model, digital content creator, and social media personality born in Monterrey, Mexico, on October 28, 2000. Since she became active, Ruiz has become one of the leading Instagram influencers in Mexico. 

There is little doubt Ruiz is a beautiful model, but so are many other Instagram models. One of the things that makes her stand out among the crowd is her penchant for baiting the Instagram algorithm. 

Instagram has policies that frown upon the provocative images Karely Ruiz is known for, and many accounts have been restricted for breaching them. But Ruiz is unworried; the gorgeous woman delights her fans constantly by finding ways to work around Instagram’s censorship. 

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In August, she got her fans pulses racing when she shared a picture of herself posing in a slightly transparent blouse that left little to the imagination. She captioned the post, “And my good morning?”

Earlier this month, Ruiz shared another provocative image with some of her fans willing to risk it all to see her shadow in reality. The shot saw the beautiful Mexican model showcasing her curves in red lace with a direct message: “My love, I like you.”

Fans who could not keep their admiration to themselves took to the comment section with support. In the hours that followed the video’s release, it amassed over 300 thousand likes and hundreds of comments, a testament to Ruiz’s influence. 

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Karely Ruiz
Karely Ruiz. (Source: Pinterest)

Karely Ruiz Career

Ruiz’s career as a social media influencer and fashionista started in 2016 when she first posted. In the following years, Ruiz has risen to fame with an allure that has captured millions of hearts.

She has a bold and sexy appearance that has helped her attract attention and admiration, subsequently making her one of the top-followed users on platforms like Instagram. Also, Ruiz is now famously sought after both at home and abroad by bikini and lingerie brands.

Karely Ruiz Ethnicity 

Ruiz has identified herself as a Hispanic, an ethnic group associated with Spanish-speaking communities in Latin America or Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries.

Karely Ruiz Onlyfans

Aside from the revenue she generates as an influencer across different platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, Karely Ruiz also manages an active OnlyFans account where she shares exclusive content about herself. 

During a conversation on the “SNSerio” show in December 2022, the 22-year-old disclosed that she rakes in about 10,000 per month via her OnlyFans profile.

Karely Ruiz
Karely Ruiz. (Source: Pinterest)

Karely Ruiz Age

Ruiz entered this world on October 28, 2000, which makes her 22 years old at the time of this writing. She will clock 23 in October 2023.

Karely Ruiz Instagram 

Ruiz has an active social media presence on Instagram. The beautiful model has more than nine million followers, and the numbers keep growing daily. She also maintains an additional Instagram account under the username ‘karelyruizmonly.’

What Happened to Karely Ruiz?

On social media, Ruiz looks like a picture of perfection; however, her life is not glamorous. Not long ago, she confessed she was passing through a rough patch in an Instagram story. 

She said: “I’m not at my best right now, my dear followers. I’m going through some tough things, but I’m a strong woman who won’t let anything or anyone bring me down.” 

Ruiz also expressed her belief in a higher power. She wrote: “Those who wish to cause harm are in the wrong. But I have God on my side! Please don’t let me fall; at this point, I can’t even trust my shadow. Take care, and may blessings be upon you.”

Fans hope that Ruiz feels better as they look forward to more content from the gorgeous model. Other famous influencers with an Onlyfans account, like Ruiz, include Maddie May, Olivia Casta, and Bronwin Aurora

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