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Supreme Court to Rule on 14th Amendment for the First Time in Capitol Riot Case Against Trump

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As hearings on the Capitol riot proceed, several lawsuits and investigations have come to light. However, recent cases argue that the constitution’s “insurrection” clause should bar former President Donald Trump from running again. Consequently, a weeklong hearing to prevent Trump from appearing on the Colorado ballot commenced. 

In addition, oral arguments kicked off before the Minnesota Supreme Court to disqualify Trump from the state ballot. However, irrespective of the court’s rulings in these cases, many expect that Trump’s lawyers will appeal the decisions. Consequently, the lawsuits will make their way to the Supreme Court.

These lawsuits stem from the felony charges brought against Trump for inciting an insurrection in the U.S. Capitol. He allegedly goaded a mob of rioters to overturn the results of the presidential election he lost in 2021. Consequently, the former President has faced several federal charges.

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However, in response to the legal challenges in Colorado and Minnesota, Trump fervently asserted that they constitute “election interference.” Similarly, his attorneys contended that “Trump’s comments did not come close to incitement, let alone engagement in an insurrection.”

Consequently, many argue that the alleged actions of some misguided Trump supporters do not mean that Trump is guilty. They argue that authorities can only accuse the former president of such acts with more substantial evidence of his involvement.

However, others argue the authorities have enough evidence to justify the charges. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is among those who say that Trump had nothing to do with the Capitol riot.

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The conservative commentator aired footage of the Capitol riot on his prime-time show in a narrative favorable to Trump. However, amid calls from critics, the cable news giant admitted that it spread Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election. In addition, the cable news giant reportedly dismissed the former president’s assertions privately.

This effort agrees with the work of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who turned over the security footage to Fox. As a result, many believe that Republicans are trying to water down the House Jan. 6 investigation findings. The investigation painstakingly documented how Trump rallied his supporters to head to the Capitol and “fight like hell.” 

However, Carlson denounced the Jan. 6 committee led by Democrats in the past Congress. In addition, he called out Trump’s chief Republican critics, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, as liars on the panel. Similarly, Trump agreed that the commentator’s footage was “irrefutable” evidence that authorities wrongly accused rioters of crimes.

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In addition, he thanked Carlson and McCarthy for their work. Trump also called for the release of people authorities have convicted and those who pleaded guilty to the charges. However, the House Jan. 6 investigation report claims the former president incited the riot with his comments.

Consequently, many believe the constitution’s “insurrection” clause will bar Trump from running again. However, the United States Supreme Court has never ruled on the Civil War-era clause of the 14th Amendment.

The amendment states that officials who had previously sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and subsequently “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against it can’t hold higher office.

While debates usually revolve around presidential candidates’ eligibility, this case differs significantly. Hence, it poses complex legal questions that surpass the scope of previous discussions.  

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