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Ex-Police Officer at the Capitol Makes Statement About the Jan. 6 Protest Being a Set-Up

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During the January 6 invasion of the US Capitol Building, Tarik Johnson was a serving police officer in the building.

A few days ago, Johnson took to his X account to make a statement about the Capitol riot. In his post, he states that the J6 incident was a set-up. In the same post, Johnson clarified that he would not hesitate to block anyone who bothers him about the statement. 

Johnson’s X post about the J6 riot was quite a long one. He clarified that, like many other Americans, he has, up until now, believed the reports in the mainstream.

Johnson was in the lot that thought the Capitol riots were a spontaneous uprising. However, in the X post, Johnson mentioned that as more evidence starts to surface, he can confidently conclude that the riot was a set-up. 

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One such piece of evidence is security footage of one of the Capitol Building’s lobbies. The video shows two Capitol police officers escorting a rioter in handcuffs. The officers removed the rioter’s cuffs briefly after and let him go.

However, before leaving, the rioter gave the Capitol Police a fist bump. This clip is just a snippet of the approximately 44,000 hours of security footage recently released to the public. Mike Johnson, GOP House Speaker from Louisiana, initially released some 90 hours of security footage from January 6.

There are several conspiracy theories abroad about what happened during the J6 riot. Many are starting to doubt Nancy Pelosi’s account of the insurrection. In fact, similar to Johnson’s statement, Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund thinks the riot was staged. 

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However, some GOPs think that those sharing such videos on social media are doing so selectively. They also feel the video is merely a spearhead of a smear campaign. But, of course, the court of popular opinion does not judge such cases.

Last year, there was an investigation of the J6 riot by a House committee consisting of both Republicans and Democrats. The committee submitted an 845-page report last December, which found Trump directly involved in the riot. The report also made recommendations that Trump should face trial for stoking an insurrection. 

During the J6 riot, several people lost their lives, including some Capitol police. Likewise, scores were injured, and after follow-up investigations, arrests, and indictment of some rioters. On the other hand, Trump has been in court—since August, answering to a four-count charge, thanks to a Department of Justice indictment. 

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Tarik Johnson was quite careful with his statement on the X post. According to him, he reached out to his lawyer to find out if his statement may have any legal implications. The reassurance of Johnson’s lawyer made him proceed with the post on November 30.

According to the lawyer, Johnson would be within the confines of his rights after making the statement. However, if the statement does lead to any litigation, it should be an easy wave to surf. 

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