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Civilians in Michigan are Forming Militia In a Bid to Enforce Their 2nd Amendment Rights 

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Around May 2023, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan signed the “Red Flag Bill” into law. This bill’s purpose is to disarm certain individuals lawfully in possession of firearms.

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However, the criteria for knowing who and who not to disarm is a bit tricky. If, after a background check, an individual is found to be a threat to themselves or others, they lose their firearm.

The weapon gets seized if a person has a record of inappropriate use of their personal arm. Finally, if it is discovered that a firearm has not been properly stored away and made accessible to minors, the owner is likely to lose possession. 

Now, there is no smoke without fire. The largely-democrat legislature of Michigan passed the bill for the Governor’s approval because of recurrent reports of mass shootings.

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However, Republican representatives are not taking the “Red Flag” bills lying down. They believe it is an infringement of the 2nd Amendment right of locals. 

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Senate Bill 83 allows anyone who loses their weapon through any of the said scenarios to petition the seizure. Likewise, Sen. Jonathan Lindsey and Rep. Gina Johnson are both floating bills to the Senate and House, respectively.

The two bills aim to counter the Red Flag bills signed by Gov. Whitmer in May. If the two bills scale through, it will automatically make Michigan a gun sanctuary state.

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Citizens in support of the gun control legislation would like the continued enforcement of the Red Flag laws. On the other hand, Republicans are for private firearm possession and self-protection.

However, pending the passage of the Johnson and Lindsey bills to uphold the 2nd Amendment in Michigan, locals in some counties are taking proactive measures. 

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Pro-constitutional agitators are coming up with local resolutions to work around the gun control laws. For example, approximately 50 out of the 83 counties of Michigan now identify as a 2nd Amendment sanctuary.

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These proponents affirm that federal laws supersede state legislation. So, they insist on the 2nd Amendment, which permits them to bear arms lawfully. 

Interestingly, this movement seems to be a GOP affair. For example, the motion to declare certain counties as a 2nd Amendment sanctuary has Malinda Pego as its leader. Pego is the Republican Clerk of Holton Township and second in command to the GOP chair of Michigan. 

In the pro-2nd Amendment movement, there has also been a call for forming a militia. At Holton Township, firearms owners who are at least 18 years old have been invited to join. In addition, only members capable of passing a universal background check will gain admittance. 

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The intention is to protect militia members against the confiscation of their firearms and other protective gear. According to the brains behind the militia formation, their declaration as an entity governed by the 2nd Amendment protects their members against any contrary law. 

However, legal experts claim that the declaration and militia formation are a sham. According to the experts, membership in a militia of any kind does not protect firearms owners from the extant laws of Michigan.

Attorney Randall Levine insists that the declarations made by some of the counties are mere resolutions. So, they do not necessarily void the existing laws for gun control. 

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