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Steve Irwin’s Son: How Robert Irwin Took After His Late Dad

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Following his untimely demise, Steve Irwin left behind his daughter, Bindi Irwin, and son Robert, both of whom are following in his footsteps.

Since becoming an uncle to his sister’s daughter Grace Warrior, Robert Irwin has made family a major focus. From doting on his little niece to supporting his sister’s effort in managing their family’s Australian Zoo, left behind by their late dad.

While his commitment to family is commendable, the 18-year-old’s sister fears it may hinder his social life, more specifically, his chances of finding a romantic partner. Hence, these days, Bindi Irwin, who has been married since March 2020, seems keen on making sure her brother made headway in his romantic life.

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In an October 2022 interview, the teenager revealed his sister kept encouraging him to start dating, as it would take the “heat” off her, referring to the media attention.

While his love life appears to lack the scoop, Robert Irwin has made up for it in his remarkable career ventures so far. The wildlife conservationist has dabbled into various projects, including his photography book titled “Robert Irwin’s Australia.”

Additionally, he has hosted TV series like “Wild But True” and co-created the “Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter” book series. He also stars in the reality TV series, “Crikey! It’s the Irwins,” alongside his sister, Bindi, and their mom Terri Irwin.

His love for wildlife, dedication to family and passion for conserving nature is a true reflection of his infamous dad, Steve Irwin. Aside from these remarkable attributes, in what other ways did the son of the legendary crocodile hunter Steve Irwin take after him?

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What Similarities Do Steve Irwin And His Son Share?

Steve Irwin was a wildlife conservationist, zookeeper and television personality, famous for his love for animals. He spent years in front of the cameras educating the world about wildlife, while going about his job at the Australian Zoo, alongside his wife, Terri.

Viewers witnessed the star experience close calls with crocodiles, snakes and other animals while filming his outstanding documentaries and TV shows. His passion for wildlife and advocacy for animal causes earned him quite a reputation, until his passing.

Notably, Steve gave his life in pursuit of his lifelong passion. He died in September 2006, after getting stabbed in the chest multiple times by a stingray he was filming underwater with his crew, off the coast of Port Douglas in Queensland.

Following his demise, the legend’s family took after his works at the Australian Zoo, carrying on his legacy. When Steve Irwin died, his son was only two years old. Despite spending limited time together, the now-grownup Robert Irwin surprisingly has a lot in common with his dad.

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Like the late crocodile hunter, Robert has a liking for nature and animals. He is also making a living out of his adventurous passion through his TV appearances, just like Steve.

Robert Is A Budding Crocodile Hunter

At eighteen, he has already experienced his own close calls with crocs, something his late dad was famous for. The youngster once shared photos of himself feeding a crocodile, the same way his dad did fifteen years prior while carrying him.

Steve Irwin and his son photo collage | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Another encounter showed the teenager fleeing the jaws of a 12-foot crocodile after it lounged at him while feeding it in its enclosure. Robert has been open about his desire to walk his father’s path, in a bid to carry on his legacy. He once quipped:

“I hope in every aspect of my life that I can make him proud and make sure that his message never dies.”

In his quest, Steve Irwin’s son has appeared in various talk shows to discuss animals, several TV shows about animals, and even has a few acting and voice-acting credits. His passion earned him a 2013 Logie Award nomination for Most Popular New Male Talent.

In August 2022, the Wildlife conservationist announced the upcoming launch of a new project titled “Australia.” The project, set for an October 2022 release, gave him yet another opportunity to honor his dad, by celebrating nature.

Steve Irwin And His Son Are Also Different In Some Ways

Their attachment to nature aside, Steve Irwin and his son have some major differences, which isn’t so surprising given they were born in different eras.

Unlike his father who loved the adventurous side of his job, and having to encounter animals in person to study them and share his invaluable knowledge with the world, Robert is more of a behind-the-camera person.

He has a passion for nature photography and hopes to nurture it until he reaches his full potential. His passion has won him several awards, as he utilizes it in promoting animal awareness.

From publishing thrilling photobooks to adventurous ventures to nature conservation centres to capture breathtaking scenes, Robert’s talent shines through.

So far, he has earned quite a fortune through his outstanding works in photography and television. As of October 2022, Robert Irwin has a net worth of $3 million, which is sure to increase as he delves deeper into his career and embarks on his sojourn around the world.

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