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Is Richard Gere Married? A Glimpse Into the “Pretty Woman” Star’s Three Marriages

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Richard Gere is a talented actor and father of three kids from different marriages. But who are his kids’ moms, and who is he currently married to?

Despite being one of the most influential actors on the planet, Richard Gere has one fear that he deems beyond his control. A source close to the actor once opened up about his fear, saying the 72-year-old worried he may not live to see his kids grow up.

According to the source, the star, who has three children, including a three-year-old son, Alexander Gere, and a 2-year-old, understood age was not on his side, especially when it came to his two youngest kids.

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Richard Gere | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Hence, he strived to make the most of his limited time with them while worrying about the things he would miss out on in their lives. Thankfully, he has a pillar of support in the guise of his third wife and mom to his youngest kids, Alejandra Silva, who loves the kids just as much as he does.

His oldest son, Homer Gere, born in 2000, also has the love of his mom, lifting the bulk of Richard Gere’s worries. So who are these remarkable women who added light and meaning to the actor’s life? Is Richard Gere currently married to anyone now?

Is Richard Gere Married?

Richard Gere is married to his third wife, Alejandra Silva, who he exchanged vows with in 2018. The duo shares two children, Alexander Gere, born in 2019, and a 2-year-old son, who joined the family in 2020. Gere and his wife are yet to reveal the name of their second son’s name.

Notably, Silva is a Spanish publicist and political activist. She is the daughter of businessman and ex-vice president of Real Madrid football Club, Ignacio Silva. Additionally, she was formerly married to oil magnate Govind Friedland and shares a son Albert with him.

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Born in February 1983, Richard Gere’s wife hails from Madrid but completed her A-levels in Dorset. She then returned to Spain to study advertising and marketing.

Notably, Silva grew up recognizing Gere as a family friend thanks to his close relationship with her parents. Hence, when she met him again as an adult in 2014, they were not entirely strangers.

The actor instantly took to the adult Silva after encountering her at the Treville hotel which she was managing. From then on, he began sending her flowers every day until she agreed to go on a date with him.

That date kicked off their romance, eventually leading them down the aisle in 2018 despite their 33-year age gap. The twosome has since nurtured their love, with Gere proving himself more of a romantic with each passing day.

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Alexandra Silva has openly declared her love for her husband, whom she regards as extraordinary and special. Four years down the line, the lovebirds are still going strong, grooming their two children together.

Richard Gere is married to Alejandra Gere | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Richard Gere’s Second Wife, Carey Lowell

Although Richard Gere is happily married to Silva, he once enjoyed marital bliss with actress Carey Lowell. The two tied the knot in 2002, seven years after his first divorce. 

They stayed together for fifteen years before divorcing in 2017. Their marriage yielded one son, Homer Gere. Additionally, Lowell has a daughter Hannah, from her previous marriage to Griffin Dunne.

Like Richard Gere, Lowell is a seasoned actress famous for roles in movies like “Law & Order.” Hence, when the two Hollywood greats butted heads over the custody of their son post-divorce, it resulted in a messy drama that made headlines for years,

After a four-year battle, the twosome reached a divorce settlement, but the terms remained confidential. While the reason for their split remains unknown, speculations suggest it stemmed from their varying personalities.

Supposedly, the actor, who is a Buddhist, favors the meditative lifestyle, while his ex-wife preferred partying. Neither of the Hollywood icons has confirmed these speculations.

Richard Gere and Carey Lowell | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Cindy Crawford

Richard Gere married his first-ever wife, Cindy Crawford, a model, in 1991. The two stayed together for four years before going their separate ways.

The model, who was only 26 when they tied the not, attributed their failed marriage to “being so young” at the time. She also claimed she and the “Pretty Woman” star never forged a friendship before their union.

Several decades later, Gere and Crawford, who had no kids together, have forged different paths in life. The model, who went on to marry Randy Gerbe and welcomed two kids with him, once admitted that she and Gere had become strangers.

Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Who Has Richard Gere Dated?

Aside from these three wives, who became part of Gere’s life through their marriages to him. The actor has been linked to other famous names in the industry.

Richard Gere’s dating history comprises big names like Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Tuesday Weld, Dawn Steel, Penelope Milford, Sylva Martins, Barbra Carrera, Loree Rodkin, Padma Lakshmi, Kim Basinger, Tina Chow, and Diana Ross, among others.

Many have also linked the actor to his “Pretty Woman” co-star Julia Robert, thanks to their electrifying onscreen chemistry that landed them co-starring roles in at least two more movies. However, his third wife, Alejandra Silva, admittedly remains Richard Gere’s favorite woman and the love of his life.

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