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Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori Harvey Is the Most Famous of Her Siblings: Meet his other Kids

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Steve Harvey’s family comprises three sons and four daughters including the trailblazing model, Lori Harvey who has carved a name for herself in showbiz.

Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s youngest daughter has been giving off glam-packed envy-inducing red carpet moments in recent times while stirring frenzy on social media.

Attending the 2022 Cannes International Film festival in May 2022, the model dazzled in a yellow strapless ball gown, easily turning heads.

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Even more than her one-of-a-kind outfit, Lori took centre stage with her diamond-studded multistrip necklace and diamond earring which set the internet raving long after she flaunted them in an Instagram video.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 13:  Steve Harvey with his family attend the ceremony honoring him with a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame held on May 13, 2013 in Hollywood, California | 
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Before that, she has been a major headliner thanks to her blossoming relationship with “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan. Her growing popularity is a stark contrast to Steve’s other kids, who rarely make it into the tabloids.

This makes one wonder what these other kids have been up to, and why they never followed in their parent’s paths like their baby sister.

Who Are Steve Harvey’s Kids?

Steve Harvey is a father of seven children, including three adopted kids from his marriage to Marjorie Harvey. He welcomed his oldest daughters Brandi and Karli during his first marriage to a woman called Marcia. Aside from their twin girls, he and his first wife also shared a son, Broderick Harvey Jr.

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Following his first divorce, the “Family Feud” star tied the knot with second wife Mary Shackelford. She gave him a second son Wynton Harvey before their 2005 divorce.

Two years later, he married Marjorie, adopting her son Jason and two daughters Morgan and Lori. Steve has since remained a doting dad to all seven, surviving several family dramas.

1. Steve Harvey’s Daughter Brandi Harvey

Steve Harvey’s daughter Brandi Harvey is one half of a pair of twin girls born to the actor and his First wife Marci in 1982. She grew up to become the founder of Beyond Her, an online meal prep website for women. Per the company’s website, Beyond Her is an initiative focused on bringing “active wellness to women of color in collaborative and transformative ways to elevate the mind, body and spirit.”

Additionally, Brandi hosts the podcast, “Beyond Her,” as well as “Twin Talk,” another podcast through which she touches lives. Her Instagram bio describes her as the author of “Breakthrough Sold Separately.”

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In addition to her entrepreneurial efforts, the 39-year-old holds the position of Chief Change Maker and Executive Director of the Steve & Marjorie Foundation.

2. Karli Harvey

Born alongside twin sister Brandi, Karli Harvey is also talented and lends her voice to the progress of the Steve and Marjorie Foundation. She serves as a public speaker and has tried her hands at acting, appearing on shows, “Black Love” and “Steve Harvey.”

Karli has been married to motivational speaker Ben Raymond since 2015 and shares a son with him.

3. Broderick Harvey Jr. 

Broderick Harvey Jr. landed the planet in 1991 as the third child of the actor and Marcia. Like his older sisters, Steve Harvey’s first son and third child Broderick Jr. has dabbled into the entertainment industry in some way.

In addition to making appearances on “Steve Harvey,” the 31-year-old works as a producer and is a social media sensation in his own rights. His Instagram account boasts of over 40 thousand followers.

Broderick Harvey Jr. | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

4. Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey, born in 1997 is the television host’s fourth child and second son. He arrived during Steve’s marriage to Shackelford, his second wife. At 25, the youngster seems to already have it all figured out or at least knows what he wants out of life.

He once opened up about these ambitions, saying he wanted to become one of “the greatest, wealthiest, flyest, philanthropic men” to grace the earth. Big dreams, yes! But he is already working towards it, tapping into his profession as a skilful photographer and fashion enthusiast.

5. Morgan Harvey

Steve Harvey, who has two biological daughters, expanded his brood when he adopted his third wife’s children. Thus, he became a father of seven.

The oldest of Steve Harvey’s step-children is Morgan Harvey, who has grown into a successful woman. She came into the world in 1987, during her mom’s first marriage and proceeded to carve a path for herself outside the limelight.

Today, she is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, where she obtained a degree in baking and pastry. As a famous pastry chef, she established the outlet, I Need Some Mo. Morgan also co-created the card games “Aight Imma Head Out,” and “Lift Every Voice And Meme.”

The culinary artist tied the knot in 2013. She went on to have two daughters Elle and Marley with her husband Kareen Hawthorne, a professional DJ.

Steve Harvey daughter Morgan Harvey | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

6. Jason Harvey

Like his elder sister Morgan, Jason Harvey, born 1991, is a renowned entrepreneur and businessman. The 31-year-old is the founder of Yevrah, a women’s luxury footwear company that generates him substantial income.

Additionally, his website describes him as a producer, director and artist. Jason is a proud father of four children, Ezra, Noah, Rose and Joey, whom he shares with wife Amanda Harvey.

7. Lori Harvey

Unarguably the star of the moment, Lori Harvey is the youngest of Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s brood of kids. Thanks to her outstanding feats in the entertainment industry since breaking into the scenes, she has become known to many as more than Steve Harvey’s daughter.

The youngster, born in 1997 grew up to become a model and fashion designer. Her Hollywood relationship escapades have also stirred the tides over the years, further contributing to her fame.

Steve Harvey’s Grandkids

With Seven adult kids, it is not unexpected for the comedian to have a home overrunning with grandchildren. Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey have seven grandchildren in total and have remained doting grandparents to them.

Four of their grandbabies, Joey, Rose, Ezra and Noah came from son, Jason and his wife Amanda. Elle and Marley are Steve’s granddaughters from Morgan Harvey. Steve Harvey has one more grandson from his daughter Karli.

Although he loves his grandchildren, he looks forward to becoming an empty nester and never makes a secret of it. He once joked:

“I’ve been waiting years for my kids to get out of my house. I want to be an empty nester. Now they come back to the house and they got more people with them. They always bring them over and drop them off.”

These days he seems ready to drop the parenting baton or loosen up the straps at the very least, which is much-deserved as Steve Harvey’s youngest daughter, Lori Harvey, has long attained adulthood.

Meanwhile, he spends time frolicking with his wife Marjorie, exploring the world with her and looking forward to their promising lives as empty-nesters.

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