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Who Are Celine Dion’s Siblings? A Glimpse Into the Life of an Icon

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Not many people know this, but Celine Dion is the youngest of 13 siblings who are also pretty successful. Let’s meet them.

If you are an avid music fan, you must have heard of Celine Dion or one of her songs.  The “I’m Alive” singer is one of the most famous musicians in the world. She is known for her outstanding vocal ability and exceptional showmanship. 

Celine Dion was born Celine Marie Claudette Dion on March 30, 1968, in Quebec, Canada. She started singing at the age of five with her musically-minded family. At 12, Celine collaborated with her brother Jacques to compose her first song, “Ce n’etait qu’un reve.”

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Around this time, she met music producer René Angélil who helped launch her career with the album “La Voix du bon Dieu” in 1981. The album titled “The Voice of God” in English earned her an award at the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo in 1982.

Celine Dion
Image: Pinterest

In 1983 the album earned Celine her first Felix award. She also became the first Canadian to earn a gold record in France. 

During the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988, Celine, representing Switzerland, won with her performance of the song “Ne partez pas sans moi.” When translated to English, the music means “Do Not Leave Without Me.” It continued to raise her profile as a great musician.

As she got older, Celine started singing more in English. She did this to make her music more understood and recognized worldwide. 

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Worldwide Musical Success 

Celine marked the early 1990s with the release of her first English-language album “Unison.” The album contained the romantic ballad “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” which became her first top-10 single in the United States.

In 1991 her duet with Peabo Bryson titled “Beauty and the Beast” won them a Grammy Award. Two years later, in 1993, her song “The Power of Love” from the album “With The Colour of My Love” became another hit. Again, she won two Grammy Awards, including album of the year for the project. 

In 1995, she released the album “The French Album,” which became the best-selling Francophone album.

However, her most significant moment came in 1997 when she made the song “My Heart Will Go On.” The song, the theme song for the movie “Titanic,” won her an Academy Award and topped charts in multiple countries. 

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It propelled the sale of her album “Let’s Talk About Love” into the tens of millions. Nevertheless, as the 2000s began, Celine took a break to focus on her family.

The musician at the time was married to her manager René Angélil. In 2001 the pair welcomed their first child, son René-Charles, after six years of trying. She returned to the music scene in 2002 with the album “A New Day Has Come” and “One Heart” in 2003.

Although the musician no longer enjoys the vast success she did in the 90s, Celine has remained a mainstay in the industry. 

Celine Dion’s Siblings 

Celine was born into a huge family and is the youngest of 14 children by her parents, father Adhémar-Charles Dion and mother Thérèse Tanguay Dion. The musician has eight sisters and five brothers. 

Celine Dion Siblings
Image: Pinterest

Denise Dion

Denise Dion
Image: Youtube

Denise is the oldest of all the 14 Dion Children. She was born on August 16, 1946, and is currently 75 years old. She is happily married to her husband, Yvon Daudier, and, like her parents, also opted for a large family. Denise is a mother of six children.

Clément Dion

Clement Dion
Image: Youtube

Clément is the second born of the Dion children. He was born on November 2, 1947, and is a businessman. The first son runs a golf course called ‘Le Mirage’ and is also a father of four. However, his marital status is not clear. 

Claudette Dion

Celine Dion Sibling Claudette
Image: Youtube

Claudette is the third born and second daughter of the Dion family. She was born a year after Clement on December 10, 1948. Like her younger sister Celine, Claudette is also a singer. 

Over her career in the music scene, she has released seven studio albums and often performs at music concerts in Canada. She is also married and has four children and six grandchildren.

Liette Dion 

Celine Dion Sibling Liette
Image: Youtube

Liette is the fourth born and the third daughter of the Dion family. She was born on February 8, 1950, two years after Claudette. She is married to her husband, Guy Poirier, but sadly Liette lost her only child Karine in 1993.

The then thirteen-year-old died from cystic fibrosis. Liette’s husband Guy was also diagnosed with cancer in 2016, but fortunately, he has fully recovered.

Michel Dion

Celine Dion Sibling Michel
Image: Youtube

Michel is the fifth child and second son of the Dion family. He was born on August 18, 1952, two years after Liette. At his wedding in 1973, Celine sang for the first time. 

He also sent Celine’s song to Rene Angelil, who helped launch her career. Michel used to be a singer, performing with the band “The Show” in Quebec. He is currently unmarried and has no kids.

Louise Dion

Louise Dion
Image: Youtube

Louise is the sixth child and fourth daughter of the Dion family. She was born on September 22, 1953, just a year after Michel. Louise lives a very private life; however, she is married to Pierre Tremblay.

The pair are parents to three children, two daughters, and a son.

Jacques Dion

Celine Dion Sibling Jacques
Image: Youtube

Jacques is the seventh child and third son of the Dion family. He was born on March 10, 1955, two years after Louise. Jacques is also a singer and helped Celine write her first song, “Ce n’etait qu’un reve.”

He still occasionally performs and is also a father to his son Jimmy.

Daniel Dion

Celine Dion sibling Daniel
Image: Youtube

Daniel is the eighth child and the fourth son of the Dion family. He was born on November 19, 1956. Tragically he lost his life on January 16, 2016, aged 60, due to cancer. 

He left behind his wife Ghyslaine Bujold and their three children. Before his death, Daniel was a singer and even had a show with two of his siblings, Claudette and Ghislaine.

Ghislaine Dion

Ghislaine Dion
Image: Youtube

Ghislaine is the ninth child and fifth daughter of the Dion family. She was born on July 28, 1958, two years after her older brother, Daniel. She is also a singer and has performed as a backup singer for Celine multiple times on her albums.

Ghislaine is married and is a mother to her daughter Audrey.

Linda Dion

Linda Dion
Image: Youtube

Linda is the tenth child and sixth daughter of the Dion family. On June 23, 1959, she was born just a year after Ghislaine.  Although she is married, Linda does not have any children.

Sadly, her childlessness is due to health issues. However, Celine’s kids are usually with her whenever the singer is on tour.

Manon Dion

Manon is the eleventh child and seventh daughter of the Dion family. On October 7, 1960, she was born just a year after Linda. Manon and Celine are very close, and she works as her assistant.

Manon lives with her long-time partner Gilles Hacala, but the pair have no children.

Paul and Pauline Dion

Paul and Pauline are the twelfth and thirteenth kids of the Dion family.

They were born on April 3, 1962, two years after Manon. Paul works closely with their mother as the manager of her charity foundation. Paul is married to Lucie Hebert, and they are parents to three girls.

Meanwhile, Pauline manages Celine’s fan club and many of her events. She is married to Marc martel and is a mother to six children. 

Celine and Her Siblings Reunite for Mother’s Birthday

In 2017, Celine and her siblings reunited to celebrate their mother’s 90th birthday. The singer subsequently shared a picture of all her family on Instagram.

Her fans warmly received the picture, and it felt good seeing the singer and her family in good spirits. They had just gone through the heartache of losing their sibling Daniel to cancer.

Celine had also buried her husband, René Angélil, who died two days before Daniel due to cancer as well. The singer found it very difficult to deal with the deaths and had stayed away from the limelight to grieve privately.

However, it felt good seeing her in high spirits with her other siblings and their mother.

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