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Stephen King Blasts Trump on X, Outraging His Supporters

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A while ago, novelist Stephen King commented on X concerning the approaching presidential race. Through the course of things, he is making a jab at the previous president, Donald Trump.

Trump bag another win in lawsuit
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King’s humorous remark swiftly gained popularity, as countless individuals applauded it. But a lot of Trump fans quickly voiced disapproval toward the writer’s statement.

How he is on the Platform

He has remained a strong advocate on X spanning a while. The acclaimed writer frequently uses the online platform to discuss topics.

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A focus on a phone open to X, or Twitter, on a brown surface.
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King, who identifies as liberal, typically supports progressive politicians and programs in his opinions and remarks. He nevertheless invests energy criticizing Republicans, particularly past president Donald Trump.

His Most Recent Political Tweet

His most recent tweet was about this year’s impending presidential election and the candidates that people should support.

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In the tweet, King asked sardonically whether people wanted to see the restrictions on female reproductive liberty continued and advised them to support Trump.

It Took Off

King’s X post instantly became trending, reaching a large number of individuals with the comment in a brief course of time. Approximately 770,000 people read it, while a lot of them left comments on the initial piece expressing their personal perspectives.

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Abortion right protest
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In accord with King’s electoral remarks, a number of people commented with their own thoughts concerning how the GOP has pushed for rules and regulations that violate American women’s basic reproductive liberty.

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A Call-Out

After reading King’s essay regarding the impending balloting in the United States, one X user shared their own take towards those they consider to be on the far right.

A picture of Florida abortion rights supporters protesting the right to put a state constitutional amendment protecting the right to abortion on the ballot in 2024.
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Someone retorted that the nation’s shrinking population remains the sole cause for why the far-right is restricting the reproductive liberties of women.

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A Picture of Former U.S President Donald Trump
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One other X user clarified that republicans appear to be trying to take us back to a time when women lacked any privileges at all.

They observed that people who support the Trump spectacle are frequently willing to step back in the distant past to an age when equality for women were just vague ideas.   Finally, they urged everyone to continue being wise.

No Backing Down

Nonetheless, not all X users were pleased to see what He had written regarding Trump as well as their plans to vote for him in Fall.

A picture of Donald Trump
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The opinions of the writer with the X tweet were criticized by numerous Trump fans who indicated their shock that He would come out with something of that nature.

Conflict over Liberties

Given that they appear to hold entirely separate opinions regarding the freedoms that women actually are entitled to in the initial setting, most Trump backers were perplexed by King’s tweet.

A picture of Former pres. Donald Trump
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By reaction, someone asked which exact women’s reproductive rights had been curtailed and asked that the answer be fact-based and precise.

A Fixation on Trump?

Given that King had shared many thoughts about the former leader on social media throughout the years, one X user asserted that King appeared to be “completely consumed” with Trump.

A picture of Donald j. Trump
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They described the guy as an insane individual, twisted, and disturbed, saying they hadn’t witnessed anyone so infatuated with Trump. They also suggested that there may be such a thing as Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Trump’s Moderating Views

Despite having made a number of pro-life remarks earlier in the year, Trump has begun to backtrack on some of his remarks addressing the issue of reproduction.

A picture of people protesting abortion ban
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In April, Trump appears to have recanted these remarks, stating instead that the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was a matter of state autonomy as opposed to pro-life legislation.

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Federal Prohibition on Abortion

Due to his shifting rules, Trump has refrained from declaring that, should he win the presidency in November, he will outlaw abortion on a nationwide level.

A picture of pro-abortion protesters
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Trump stated that he had been questioned frequently regarding his views on abortion rights along with abortion. According to him, the states are going to decide whether abortion is lawful by rules, casting ballots, or possibly all. He underlined that anything that the individual states determine, in this instance the state legislation, will become the supreme law throughout the land.

King Is Still Attacking Trump

Although King has a history of criticizing the previous president for a wide range of issues, this writer has lately focused a large portion of his criticism of Trump around his positions about women’s reproductive liberty.

Former President Donald Trump
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King will probably keep criticizing Trump’s health care measures openly in the years to come, particularly as the Fall election approaches.

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