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Inside Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Volatile’ Relationship Through The Years: It Had A Happy Ending

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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s love story had many ups and downs, so much that it seemed unlikely the duo would pull through. Over four decades later, the two remain one of Hollywood’s leading couples.

Over the years, reports of celebrity unions hitting an end following domestic violence rumors and cheating scandals have flooded the headlines.

From Rihanna and Chris Brown who have their violent history to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard who ended up in the throes of a messy legal feud following the “woman beater” scandal.

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Amid these scandals and chaos, one couple had it tough as well but managed to stick it out to the end, surprising the world. In fact, Sharon Osbourne, one-half of the unlikely pair, once described their relationship as volatile.

The television personality’s relationship with husband Ozzy Osbourne kicked off when she was eighteen.

Their love story, which was plagued with addiction, domestic violence allegations, and cheating scandals has stood the test of time for over four decades, ranking them among the longest-lasting couples in Hollywood.

Let’s take a walk through Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s volatile yet beautiful love story.

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How They Met

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s relationship dates back to 1971. Then 18, Sharon worked as a receptionist for her dad, Don Arden, a music executive.

Shortly after the firm signed Black Sabbath, Ozzy, who was then a member, paid Sharon’s dad an unusual visit which admittedly terrified the teenager.

She recalled the singer walking into her dad’s office barefoot, with a water faucet dangling from his neck. Once inside, he proceeded to sit on the floor.

They became acquainted on that fateful day but never expected romance to blossom between them. At the time, Ozzy was still married to his first wife Thelma Riley.

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The Onset Of A Tumultuous Love Story

Eight years after the duo met for the first time, Ozzy lost his place in Black Sabbath due to excessive alcohol and drug use. The sudden ousting from his long-time band left him struggling to find his way as a solo singer.

Luckily, he crossed paths with Sharon again and she agreed to become his manager. Around that time, Ozzy’s marriage to Riley was already crumbling and the duo finalized their divorce in 1982.

Meanwhile, Sharon and the rocker found their way to each other’s hearts, beginning their romance in 1979.

Their Hawaiian Wedding

Following his divorce from Riley, the former Black Sabbath frontman and his love interest were ready to take their relationship to greater heights. They tied the knot in Maui, Hawaii on July 4, 1982, marking the official start of their lives together.

Family First

About one year after their union, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne welcomed their first child together, daughter Aimee Osbourne. The child, who arrived in September 1983 was the first for Sharon, and the second for Ozzy who already had a son, Louis from his first wife.

They went on to welcome two more kids, Kelly, born October 1984, and Jack, born on November 8, 1985.

Trouble Strikes

In 1989, about seven years into their marriage, things took a turn for the worse when the Grammy Award-winning singer attacked his wife under the influence of drugs.

Recalling that first shocker, Sharon once disclosed that she could barely recognize the person staring back at her.

In the  2020 documentary “Biography: Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne,” Sharon revealed just before he attacked, her husband calmly told her “we’ve come to a decision that you’ve got to die.” He then pounced on her suddenly and began choking her.

Luckily, the mom of three escaped the assault, and Ozzy spent six months in medical detention for attempted murder.

Meet The Osbournes

That first phase of trial ended with Sharon forgiving her husband. In 2002, the couple got their own reality show titled “The Osbournes” which premiered on MTV.

The series starred the lovebirds and their two younger kids Jack and Kelly, while Aimee decided to maintain her privacy. The series ran for four seasons, going off air in 2005.

Plagued By Divorce Rumors

Rumors of Ozzy and Sharon’s impending divorce hit the media in 2013, forcing the father of four to speak up. In April that year, the star released a statement admitting he experienced a relapse and turned to drinking and drug use.

He also admitted to being 44 days sober in a bid to become a better person to the people he loved the most. Following his admission, the singer publicly apologized to his wife, his family, friends, and bandmates.

In the same post, Ozzy debunked the divorce rumors, setting the records straight for good.

A Long-Anticipated Split

Despite the couple’s earlier reassurances that they were holding strong, the duo announced their separation in May 2016. Their split followed rumors of Ozzy’s affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh.

At the time, Sharon admitted she had no idea what to do with the rest of her life, but simply knew she could not keep up with that life.

However, barely two months later, the couple reunited, with multiple sources confirming they fell in love with each other again.

The crooner released a statement shortly after admitting he cheated on his wife with multiple women. In a later interview, the talk show host admitted one of those women was their cook. The couple also went public with Ozzy’s six-year struggle with sex addiction.

A New Beginning

In May 2017, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne resolved to put it all behind them and have a new beginning. They renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas, with the former black sabbath bandmate admitting he considered that fateful day as their real wedding day.

They made do with their resolve to begin anew and enjoy a scandal-free relationship. In 2020 Ozzy admitted that he no longer cheated on his wife and regretted his past actions.

Ozzy Osbourne soon snagged his chance to prove his devotion to his wife. Following her fierce defense of British news anchor Piers Morgan on the CBS show, “The Talk,” in March 2021, Sharon Osbourne faced criticism for seemingly being racist.

The scandal, circling Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview, forced the television personality to quit her job as a show host on “The Talk.”

Following the incident, the 73-year-old took to his SiriusXM show, “Ozzy Speaks,” to defend his wife. He described her as the most “unracist” person he ever met, also saying she was devastated by those unfathomable allegations. Going further, he promised to accompany her through the bump.

The Substance Of A New Biopic

In September 2021, news outlets reported that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s tumultuous love story was set to become the premise of a new biopic.

The said biopic, championed by the couple and Oscar-nominated writer Lee Hall, would feature tracks from Ozzy’s time on the Black Sabbath and his solo career.

In a statement to Variety, Sharon Osbourne, who earlier admitted they each beat each other up during their “volatile” years, explained how they managed to pull through and find their happy ending. She shared:

“Our relationship at times was often wild, insane, and dangerous. But it was our undying love that kept us together.”

The 69-year-old mother and grandmother hoped by partnering with Sony Pictures to bring their love story to the screen, they could share their truth with the world and help millions of others struggling through volatile relationships find their silver linings.

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