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10 Mind-blowing Beauty Hacks Celebrities Swear By

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While celebrities certainly have to look beautiful at all times and have what it takes to pull it off at their disposal, they sometimes turn to unconventional beauty hacks like the rest of us.

Everyone has had to improvise at some point in their lives. Be it figuring out the reading habit that works best for you as a student, applying out-of-the-box kitchen hacks in your daily cooking sessions, or utilizing unconventional items in your beauty routines, we’ve all been there. Yes, even celebrities.

Stars like Kim Kardashian have admitted to using coffee to dye her shapewear to better fit her skin tone. Even the all-powerful Queen Bey uses gluestick as eyebrow gel, while Yasmine Cheng never hesitates to weave her hair into braids to achieve the perfect frizzy curls.

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Celebrity beauty hacks | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Interestingly, no one would ever guess they managed to achieve those red-carpet-worthy looks without applying some bank-breaking over-the-counter beauty product unless they say so. That’s because the result is always worth their while.

Let’s look at ten celebrities who have been open about the unbelievable twist they add to their routines, as well as the beauty hacks they swear by.

1. Using Rice Water As A Toner (Michelle Wong)

Singaporean actress Michelle Wong has the best natural hack for achieving the ideal toner. Her secret is plain old rice water. The benefits of rice water to the hair have been overstressed through the years, but using it as a toner is something one doesn’t hear every day.

This is a readily available kitchen ingredient that makes Wong’s method handy and easily achievable. According to the star, rice water, the starchy liquid gotten by washing raw rice, helps soften the skin.

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She has admittedly included the method in her beauty routine since a Vietnamese beautician introduced her to it. So far, her only heckle has been its short shelf life even when stored in a refrigerator.

2. Coca-Cola As Shampoo (Suki Waterhouse)

While clean hair can boost one’s confidence, there’s no denying how annoying the frizziness that comes afterward could be. What’s hair without the bounce right?

Luckily, model Suki Waterhouse has the ideal solution which could be lying in your refrigerator right about now. The star once admitted to rinsing her hair with Coca-Cola sometimes to get rid of the fine and limp texture resulting from washing.

She swears using the beverage makes her hair look tousled like she’s “gone through the Amazon or something.” Certainly worth the try.

3. Mayonnaise As Hair Mask (Blake Lively)

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“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively has the perfect locks and she knows it. The actress attributes her enviable hair texture to a handy trick she picked up from her mother growing up.

The star once revealed in an interview that she usually applied mayonnaise to her hair as a strength booster, and to keep the tips from drying out.

The method, which involves applying the kitchen ingredient to the lower half of her hair just before hitting the shower helps lock in the moisture. This in turn prevents the active ingredients in powerful shampoos from stripping the bottom of the hair.

4. Tape As Facelift (Lady Gaga)

Those sagging skin around the eyes could be a pain, even to a celebrity. The singer/actress Lady Gaga once revealed her go-to hack for concealing under-eye bags.

The trick involves using tape to pull back the skin around her eyes and other areas in her face. It helps tighten those areas, giving her a younger look.

5. Cat Litter For Exfoliation (Snooki)

Actress Snooki admittedly uses the most unusual item as an exfoliant, and she isn’t afraid to share it with the world. In one of her interviews, she detailed how she mixes cat litter with water and rubs over her skin to do away with the dead cells and unveil her desired glow.

Before the yucks start pouring in, let’s mention the “Jersey Shore” actress found this hack on the web. And given how much she become hooked on it, it certainly works.

6. Nipple Cream As Lip Balm (Margot Robbie)

Margot Robbie | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Actress Margot Robbie has been open about her wariness towards lip balm. She believes they were designed to keep one’s lips flaky by drying them out so consumers would be forced to keep buying more.

As a way around her conspiracy theory about lip balm, Robbie once revealed she turns to the nipple cream, Bepanthen to keep her lips moist, soft, and supple at all times.

The product originally meant for nursing mothers or diaper rash makes an effective substitute for plain old lip balm. The “I Tonya” star swears by the product, which she has admittedly used her whole life.

7. Clay As Toothpaste (Shailene Woodley)

Shailene Woodley has one of the best solutions when it comes to achieving a set of white teeth. Her go-to hack is a mix of bentonite clay, zeolite, coconut water, and peppermint.

The resulting paste works well as a toothpaste according to Woodley, who can attest to it from her years of usage. As a bonus, the mixture can double as a source of useful minerals for the body when swallowed right after brushing.

8. Baby Shampoo As Face Wash (Laverne Cox)

Another beauty hack endorsed by a celebrity is the use of Jergens Baby Shampoo as a delicate face wash. “Orange Is the New Black” alum Laverne Cox considers this one of her go-to beauty hacks.

Notably, the method works well for this television personality. The logic behind her genius idea is that if it’s gentle enough for a baby, then it’s gentle enough for the face. Cox suggests moisturizing afterward to achieve the best effect.

9. Hair Styling Gel As Eyebrow Gel (Ashley Graham)

While Beyoncé’s use of Elmer’s glue stick as her waterproof eyebrow gel might be one of the craziest ideas, Ashley Graham has a safer bet for those who aren’t quite adventurous or brave.

During a  2020 interview, the model revealed she relied on göt2b Ultra Glued Invisible Styling Gel and a spoolie to brush up her brows, locking them in place.

10. Olive Oil As Face Wash (Chloë Grace Moretz)

“Kick-Ass” star Chloë Grace Moretz’s bright facial features are undoubtedly one to die for. Unbelievably, her secret to achieving that perfect skin glow is an item on your kitchen shelf.

The actress, who once battled cystic acne, reached her turning point when she discovered the immense skin-care benefits of oil-based cleansers. She decided at that point to turn to olive oil as her go-to face wash.

Soon after including the cooking oil in her beauty routine, her skin became so much clearer until she achieved perfection. Moretz has remained hooked on olive oil ever since.

These celebrity experiences show that sometimes, all it takes to look your best is a less-than-five-dollar product sitting idly around the house.

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