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How Many Children Did Michael Jackson Have? Meet The King Of Pop’s Adorable Children Who Are Upholding His Legacy

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Michael Jackson’s musical prowess birthed several hits in the world of music earning him the title of the King Of Pop. However, he meant so much more to his kids, who today, strive to uphold his legacy.

Legendary singer Michael Jackson had three children in his lifetime, two of whom stemmed from his second marriage. While the trio is listed as the icon’s biological kids, many have disputed their biological connection to the legend.

Over the years, several conspiracy theories about the kid’s parentage have surfaced. This mostly results from questions about how the African-American pop artist birthed three white kids.

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Michael Jackson's kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

While rare, such a phenomenon is not impossible. However, the chances of occurring three times have raised brows, like many controversies surrounding the singer’s life.

Notably, Michael Jackson shares his kids, Paris Jackson, Michael Joseph Jr. Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson with two different women.

While one of them remains widely unknown, the mother of his two eldest kids, Debbie Rowe was married to the star at the time of their births and recognizes only him as their biological father.

How Many Times Did Michael Jackson Get Married?

The “Thriller” crooner tied the knot twice in his lifetime. His first marriage was to Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley in 1994. The duo stayed married for about a year and a half before divorcing in 1996.

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That same year, Michael married again, this time to Debbie Rowe, a dermatology nurse who reportedly reached an agreement to bear him children. 

Michael Jackson’s second marriage yielded two children, Paris Katherine Jackson, and Michael Joseph Jr. Jackson. His union with Rowe also ended in divorce, after three years together, with Michael gaining custody of the kids.

In 2002, Michael became a third-time dad when he welcomed son Prince Michael Jackson II via an unknown mom.

Today, years after the King of Pop’s demise, his kids, once traumatized by their dad’s loss, are all grown up. More importantly, all three are holding strong, sustaining their sibling bond and threading paths their dad would’ve been proud of.

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II

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Michael Jackson’s first son, Michael Joseph Jackson, nicknamed “Prince,” came into this world in February 1997. He was the first child born to Michael and Debbie Rowe and the oldest of Michael’s kids.

The 24-year-old has been open about the impact of his dad’s teachings on his life. One of Michael’s favorite quotes, “the minute you stop learning is the minute you’re going to start dying,” has especially stuck with him, serving as a guiding light through his path.

Even in his father’s absence, those words led him on a scholarly path. He obtained a degree in business administration from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2019.

Thereafter, he proceeded towards the path of learning through life and his numerous experiences. Through the years, he’s picked up handy hobbies like cycling and swimming.

While he may not have inherited his dad’s dancing shoes or singing prowess, the youngster did take on Michael’s knack for philanthropy.

The business administrator spends his time undertaking various philanthropic projects and working for charities. Today, he champions the charity cause, Heal Los Angles through which he’s touched millions of lives.

While still unmarried, Prince is happily in a relationship with his girlfriend of four years Molly Schirmang as of January 2022.

Paris Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson’s second child and only daughter Paris Katherine Jackson, landed the planet in April 1998, barely one year before her parent’s divorce.

The world heard her speak for the first time at eleven while reciting a tear-jerking eulogy during her dad’s funeral.

The 11-year-old moved many to tears and somewhat altered the ugly preconceived picture the media painted about her dad as she acknowledged him as the best father in the world before declaring her love for him.

Even as she grew older, Paris still had only words of praise for her late dad. She once opened up about the impact of his upbringing in her life and those of her siblings, saying he prioritized their education and cultured attitude over the glitz and glam of fame and fortune.

Interestingly, she took more than the great upbringing from her dad’s book. Paris Jackson, now 23, has proven herself as a talented songstress, remaining the only one of Michael Jackson kids to embrace the music path.

She once admitted her infamous breakup from former bandmate Gabriel Gleen inspired her debut solo album, “Wilted,” which dropped in November 2020.

Before that, the talented singer was one-half of the music duo The soundflowers and signed a deal with Republic Records. Additionally, the icon has starred in various movies, making her acting debut on Fox’s “Star.”

Prince Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael Jackson II | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

In 2002, word got out that the “Heal The World” crooner fathered a third child via an unidentified surrogate mom. The child, born in February 2002 was named Prince Michael Jackson II.

The world caught a glimpse of this beautiful baby boy when his dad held him over the balcony of a hotel room in Berlin.

Already tangled in the webs of child abuse at the time, the press had a field day reporting Michael Jackson’s notorious tactic of dangling his newborn son four stories above the ground in the full gaze of the public.

His face was notably covered during the incident, a practice Michael kept up with throughout the boy’s childhood. Ultimately, that earned Prince Michael II the nickname, Blanket.

Blanket, now going by the moniker Bigi, grew up as the most reserved and introverted among his siblings. Even at nineteen, the youngster shies away from public appearances.

In recent years he has begun opening up more and even hosts a YouTube channel alongside his brother, Prince, and their cousin. There, he posts film and TV reviews.

Although still young, Michael Jackson’s children are already making waves in their respective endeavors, proving they all inherited the genes for greatness.

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