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Sebastián Marroquín: Meet Pablo Escobar’s Son

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When Pablo Escobar died in 1993, his son, Juan Pablo Escobar, now Sebastián Marroquín, sought revenge. At the time, it seemed that the 16-year-old heir to the drug empire would continue his father’s criminal legacy. 

However, as time passed and the initial shock and anger subsided, Sebastián Marroquín chose a different path. Many have asked who Pablo Escobar’s son is and what he has been up to since his father’s death.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the son of the late Colombian drug lord. 

A picture of Sebastián Marroquín and his father.
A throwback picture of the notorious drug lord and his son. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Pablo Escobar’s Son? 

Sebastian Marroquín, was born Juan Pablo Escobar in 1977. Born into wealth and privilege, he grew up on his father’s extravagant estate, Hacienda Napoles. The estate provided him with all the luxuries one could imagine, shielded from the true origins of his family’s fortune. 

While it might be tempting to categorize him solely as a villain, Marroquín remembers his father’s affection and disputes such a simplistic portrayal, acknowledging that his father had both positive and negative aspects. 

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In addition, he visited Disneyland with his family in 1981. During this period, Marroquín recalls that their family life was untainted by the complications that would later arise. He added that it was a time of pure pleasure and extravagance, with his father relishing the amusement park like a carefree child.

A picture of Sebastián Marroquín.
The notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar’s son. (Source: Instagram/@juanpabloescobarhenao)

Did Sebastián Marroquín Know About His Father’s Use of Violence?

Not at first. However, in August 1984, the true nature of Marroquín’s father became evident to him. When his father’s involvement in the assassination of Colombia’s then-Minister of Justice, Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, made the news, Sebastián Marroquín and his family hid, seeking refuge first in Panama and later in Nicaragua.

Escobar, fearing the threat of extradition from a foreign country, took his family back to Colombia. During this time, Sebastián Marroquín began learning about his father’s drug business.

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By age nine, his father gave him a tour of his cocaine factories, intending to dissuade Marroquín from getting involved in the drug trade. However, as a teenager, Sebastián Marroquín disapproved of his father’s use of violence. It was possibly for this reason that Escobar decided to surrender to justice.

What Happened to Sebastián Marroquín’s Father? 

Following his arrest, the Colombian government proposed a five-year prison sentence for Escobar. Although he agreed to the verdict, he had two conditions: he would design the prison himself, and the government would ban the extradition of Colombian nationals to the United States. 

With these conditions met, Escobar resided in his prison, La Catedral, where he continued running his drug empire. However, when Escobar ordered the torture and murder of individuals within La Catedral, the then-Colombian President, Cesar Gaviria, ordered the transfer of Escobar to a standard prison.

However, the notorious drug lord refused. Consequently, after 13 months of imprisonment, Escobar escaped in July 1992.

What Caused the Death of Pablo Escobar? 

President Gaviria launched a large-scale operation to capture Escobar after his prison break. However, the situation escalated into a brutal conflict. A Los Pepes vigilante group of Pablo Escobar’s enemies also targeted the escaped drug lord. 

To escape the danger of execution by his father’s enemies, Sebastián Marroquín and his family fled Colombia by helicopter. However, they were denied refuge in the United States and Germany due to the intervention of Colombian authorities. Consequently, they returned to Colombia. Hence, the Colombian government used Escobar’s family as bait to lure him out of hiding.

The government provided security for Escobar’s wife and children at the Residencias Tequendama hotel in Bogota, owned by the Colombian National Police. Although this plan succeeded in flushing Escobar out of hiding, it led to his death. According to reports,  Escobar was shot dead on a rooftop in Medellin on December 2, 1993. 

However, Sebastián Marroquín claims that his father committed suicide. He believes that authorities traced Escobar’s location to a phone call to his son, which led to his discovery. Marroquín alleges that the DEA shot his father in the leg and shoulder before Escobar turned the gun on himself on the rooftop.

A picture of Pablo Escobar's son.
Sebastián Marroquín. (Source: Instagram/@juanpabloescobarhenao)

What Happened to Sebastián Marroquín After His Father’s Death?

Following the death of his father, Sebastián Marroquín and his family started a new life in Buenos Aires under new identities. Marroquín pursued studies in industrial design, while his mother became involved in real estate development.

However, their past caught up with them in 1999 when his mother’s accountant discovered their true identities. The accountant eventually reported them to the local authorities. In 2001, the story reached the news, exposing Marroquín’s true identity.

Consequently, the media hounded Marroquín for interviews. However, when Argentine filmmaker Nicholas Entel approached him with the idea of making a documentary about his life, he agreed to speak publicly. 

Where Is Sebastián Marroquín Now? 

Pablo Escobar’s son has taken it upon himself to make peace with those his father hurt. Sebastián Marroquín sent a heartfelt letter to the sons of Bonilla and Galan, who were some of his father’s victims, seeking forgiveness. Subsequently, Marroquín traveled to Bogota in September 2008 to meet with some victims.

With his past as Juan Pablo Escobar behind him, Sebastián Marroquín currently resides in Buenos Aires, working as an architect with his wife and son. Like Escobar’s son, Christine Gacy faced a similar dilemma, hiding away from the world because of her father’s legacy of murder.

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