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HomeNewsReporter Claims Trump Got Physical With His Attorney During Hush-Money Trial

Reporter Claims Trump Got Physical With His Attorney During Hush-Money Trial

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Donald Trump’s hush-money trial, the first criminal trial involving a former president, began on April 15, 2024. Since its inception, the case has attracted considerable media attention, which Trump cited in his request to dismiss it. However, Judge Juan Merchan, overseeing the case, forged ahead with the jury selection, signaling that the case was heading to trial.

Since the opening statements on April 15, several witnesses, including Trump’s former associates, have taken the stand. However, on Thursday, May 9, 2024, adult film actress Stormy Daniels, whom Trump allegedly paid the hush-money to, took the stand.

Daniels’ testimony infuriated Trump, who was sitting a few feet away from the adult film star. As the words rolled off Daniels’ tongue, the former president sat fuming. According to CNN reporter Paula Reid, Trump, unable to control his temper, “got physical” with one of his attorneys.

As Daniels recounted her unflattering encounter with the then-president, Trump allegedly hit one of his lawyers, Susan Necheles, goading her to object to the adult film actress’ testimony.

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“Today, he’s gotten a little physical with Susan Necheles, one of his lawyers, sort of hitting her on the arm,” Reid said while discussing the trial proceedings during a panel discussion. Furthermore, Reid noted that the former president was “really scrutinizing” his defense lawyers.

The reporter also said Trump “had a lot of ideas about how his defense should be carried out” as he had conversations with his three lawyers. Besides getting “physical” with his lawyers, Trump showed his irritation at Daniels’ testimony by audibly cursing and shaking his head.

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Due to Trump’s muffled comments, Merchan warned Todd Blanche, the former president’s lead counsel, to speak to his client. However, this isn’t Trump’s first rodeo. Before the case went to trial, Trump’s offhand comments saw Merchan issue a gag order against him.

Like Reid, Maggie Haberman, a NY Times reporter, reported that Trump became annoyed with his lead attorney, Blanche. Haberman claimed the Republican presidential candidate complained that his lawyer was not “aggressive enough.”

While Trump seems to know more about defending himself than his attorneys, legal experts claim he is shooting himself down. However, per Trump’s request, his attorney, Necheles, put Daniels on the hot seat during a cross-examination. During her testimony, Daniels revealed she met Trump at a celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe in 2006.

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According to Daniels, Trump invited her to dinner, and she honored the invitation with the advice of her publicist. During her testimony, Daniels claimed she met him at his Penthouse suite, expecting they would go to dinner. However, she said she met the former president in his “satin pajamas” and that he “pressured” her into having s*x.

Merchan stopped Daniels’ testimony when it got too intense, saying the jury didn’t need the gory details of their encounter. Trump, on the other hand, kept nudging his attorneys to object. The former president’s mood lightened after Necheles’ cross-examination, which painted Daniels as bitter.

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