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Remember Gibby from ‘iCarly’? Here’s What He has Been Up To Since the Show Ended

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Noah Munck’s Gibby had no hard time stealing the hearts of millions of fans, thanks to his nerdy and adorable self. But most unforgettably, for always taking off his shirt. Where is Gibby now? 

Many TV lovers will attest that they grew up glued to the TV whenever Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” comes up. The show, which premiered in 2007, was the ultimate teen series that showed teenagers having fun in the most harmless but hilarious ways. 

Sam, Carly, and Freddie were front stage on the show and organized a teen-centered podcast, way before real-life podcasts became rampant. However, one beloved character, Gibby, played by Noah Munck, had his moments in almost every episode. Years after the show ended, the cast members are all grown and have moved on with their careers. Where is Gibby now? 

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Where is Gibby now
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What Became Of Munck’s Gibby After “iCarly” Ended?

Noah Munck grew up before the eyes of Nickelodeon’s fans, often dramatically taking his shirt off at every moment he owned on “iCarly.” By the time the 2000s TV series reached its sixth season, Munck had evolved to become one of the major stars.

His childhood fame was characterized by a large following from fans who loved good humor. And by virtue of this, the show’s producers decided to create a spin-off titled “Gibby.” 

The plot was to revolve around a grown Gibby and how his job at a recreation center had him mentoring four kids. The show never made it to the Nickelodeon production team despite shooting the pilot. 

Munck’s stint with Nickelodeon finally ended after he appeared in an episode of “Sam & Cat,” which was a successful spin-off of “iCarly.” From there, Munck starred as Naked Rob Smith on “The Goldbergs.” 

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Where is Gibby Now?

For his adulthood career, not much of Noah Munck has been seen on TV. However, the youngster added EDM music to his entertainment resume and started producing beats and sounds under the name, NoxiK.

Munck has made sure his music gets to his loyal fans via SoundCloud, but as of the last check-in, in 2020, the actor only had three songs under the name NoxiK. However, the now-25 year old has transferred his EDM music into another franchise called SADWORLDBEATS. 

Munck reportedly creates sounds on SADWORLDBEATS with his young brother, Ethan, who starred on “iCarly” as a kid. Munck had over 6000 followers on his SoundCloud account, and his music is often remixes of EDM sounds. 

Munck’s art also includes colorful videos that fans are privy to on his YouTube account with the same name as his music franchise. Munck and his brother have a Patreon where they share information on their music. 

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Where is Gibby now
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Gibby’s Fate On “iCarly” Reboot

News of an “iCarly” reboot made it to the public in 2021, and at the same time, the first two seasons of the original show were uploaded on Netflix. By June, Paramount+ released the episodes slated for the reboot. 

Prior to the release, fans were quite curious about the stars who would return to reprise their roles, and in subsequent times, it was reported that stars like Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay), Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson), and Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay) returned for the new show.

However, it was confirmed that the Sam Puckett actor, Jeanette McCurdy, and Munck did not return. Munck and McCurdy did not appear in any photographs for the reboot, and the show had to go on without them. 

While McCurdy quit acting a while back, there’s been no definite reason why Munck did not return to the show. However, there’s been a hint from a 2017 interview he did in the OYC Podcast. 

The young adult revealed that he always had a weird relationship with the character that gave him fame. On the show, Gibby was the bullied kid, and this transcended to real life. Munck shared that he was often viewed as the “Duff” even when interacting with fans. 

This pretty much turned him off on the idea of ever returning to play Gibby. Munck, however, extended a hopeful thought, noting that there was a probability that he would reconcile with the character someday. 

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