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Nearly 20 Years Later, This is What Jack Black and The Cast of “School Of Rock” Have Been Up To

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Jack Black and a host of child actors rocked the early 2000s movie scene after becoming a “School of Rock” actor. The show channeled musical fantasies of youngsters and left many with cherished childhood memories.

Although the “School Of Rock” show was a regular on Nickelodeon, Hollywood star Jack Black and some former child stars brought it to life nearly 20 years ago. However, the movie’s essence still resonates with many today.

“School of Rock” first appeared on the big screen in 2003, making a whopping $131.3 million. Since the show ended, the actors have moved on with their careers and personal lives. Here’s what they have been up to. 

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“School Of Rock”

The musical comedy “School of Rock” was written by Mike White in collaboration with Jack Black and movie director Riched Linklater. White had been inspired to write the script to show off his comedic creative skills to Jack Black.

So the whole idea was to channel Black’s love for music and combine it with his comic talent. In doing so, White created “School of Rock” with Black at the center of the musical. 

The show’s plot revolved around Dewey Finn (Jack Black) a musician, who took the role of a substitute teacher in a local prep school. The teacher was supposed to be his friend, Ned Schneebly, but Finn quickly impersonated him.

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School of rock
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Although Finn impersonated his friend because he needed to earn money for his rent, the class turned out to be filled with musically-talented kids. So Finn devises a plan where he converts the class into a music band to win a competition. 

While the “School of Rock” series keeps fans relishing their old-time memories, they can always go back to watch the equally hilarious original.

Where can I watch “School Of Rock?”

School of Rock is available to fans on different streaming services. It is currently available on Paramount Plus, Netflix, and the Paramount + Amazon channel. Fans can also buy on Google play movies, Apple iTunes, Redbox, and Amazon Video, among others. 

While fans keep enjoying the throwback moments from the long-time comical movie, they can also keep up with the stars via social media or through their other career endeavors. Here’s all they have been up to since “School of Rock.”

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Jack Black

Before gaining Dewey Finn’s role, Black had ten years of experience in Hollywood. He was also into rock music with his band, Tenacious D. Some of his movie credits before “School of Rock” include “Saving Silberman,” and “Shallow Hal.” 

After the blockbuster movie, Black appeared in more big-screen roles in movies like “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle,” “Goosebumps,” and notably his role as Panda Po in “Kung Fu Panda.” Black is a dad of two, and he has been married to Tanya Haden since 2006. 

Joan Cusack

Cusack played the hard-nosed Principal Rosalie Mullins, who was first skeptical about Finn. However, as the plot developed, they became close friends. Cusack’s career, which started before “School of Rock,” grew further after. 

Some of her movie credits include “Runaway Bride, “My Blue Heaven,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” She also had voice roles in animations like “Toy Story” and “Chicken Little.” 

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Joey Gaydos Jr.

Gaydos starred as Zack Mooneyham, one of the students in Finn’s class. He displayed his guitar skills in the film, and these days he has not deviated from his love for music. Gaydos stays out of the spotlight, but he has released music since 2004. 


Rivkah Reyes

Reyes played Katie on the show, and has since continued acting after “School of Rock.” Her movie appearances include “Monuments,” “Alex/October,” and “Bad Animal.” The Chicago native also hosts a podcast show, ‘Where Are We Now?’ which focuses on former child stars.

Miranda Cosgrove

Cosgrove starred as Summer Hathaway, and since then, her career has surged upwards. She became a household name and a famous face for other Tv projects like “Drake & Josh,” iCarly,” and “Yours Mine & Ours.” Cosgrove also channeled her music career with songs like “Leave It All To Me” and “Raining Sunshine.”

Kevin Clark

The actor came into Hollywood by virtue of his music skills, just like other “School of Rock” child actors. He was the outspoken Kevin Jones on the show, and afterward, he forged his musical talents by playing drums.

He lent his beats to Chicago performer Robbie Gold and also took part in Broadway. Clark was in the news early this year when he had an accident while riding his bicycle in Chicago. Unfortunately, the “School of Rock” actor died during the accident. He was said to have been 32. 

Kevin Clark
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Maryam Hassan

She was cast as Tomika in “School Of Rock,” and that was her big-screen debut. Hassan has mostly stayed off the spotlight. However, she rejoiced with her fellow stars on the 10th anniversary of the movie in 2013 and the Broadway production in 2015.

Maryam Hassan
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Caitlin Hale

Hale was the blonde little girl who played Marta, fondly known as Blondie. Hale was one of the child actors who had previous Hollywood experience; She had appeared in “Blue Clues.” She continued acting after “School of Rock” and also appeared in commercials.

Caitlin Hale and Massagli
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Hale graduated with a degree in Journalism from Arizona State University in 2013. She currently works as a publicist and has been in a long-term relationship with fellow co-star Angelo Massagli. Hale and Massagli (Frankie) have been a “School of Rock” couple since 2018.

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