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10 Trendy Home Decoration Themes

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Whether you are looking to give your home a facelift, do a complete overhaul of designs or simply design a new space, there is a wide range of trendy home decoration themes. These themes are guaranteed to convey the perfect interpretation of your personality and idea.

When we think of giving our homes, offices, or personal spaces a lift or style switch, interior decorations often come to mind. However, without a careful and well-researched approach to it, one might end up jumbling up ideas.

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There is, however, no need to fret because, in this article, we will be paging through different homestyle choices. These are trendy interior designs that would inspire your choice of aesthetics.

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Contemporary Theme

The contemporary home decor is ideal when you are looking to minimize the splash of colors. Basically, the term contemporary means adjusting to the “here and now.”

Therefore simple furniture replaces the more striking ones, and clear-cut lines replace ruffes or embellishments. The simplicity adhered to grey, white, and blonde color tones.

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trendy home decoration
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Industrial Style

The industrial home decoration theme leans more towards rustic and bold. It allows for the use of timber, brocks, and steel home items. Industrial home decors are often full of character and are unisex. It is ideal for large spaces, including one’s home and office. 

trendy home decoration
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The minimalist interior decorator looks to create more space in the area that is being designed or redesigned. This means more space and classy interior items. A minimalist home helps for easy cleaning, but it is not devoid of style. However, minimal home decoration conveys the “less is more” message.


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trendy home decoration
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To go retro means to play with colors. Retro themes engage a splash of colors that hardly ever go unnoticed. So when you look out for retro, it’s about getting accustomed to the colors of the rainbow. The colors are allowed to spread across furniture, upholsteries, and artworks.

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The Asian home decor is also known as zen. This word ultimately encapsulates what you look out for, and that is tranquility. It features cleanliness, minimal interior designs but with colorful accents.

The color tone of the zen theme comes from nature. Using natural interior items like bamboo will provide the feeling of being connected to nature. 

image: Pinterest


Bohemian decors are somewhat traditional, but they never go out of style. The intricate and kaleidoscopic nature of bohemian designs often keeps them in trend.

However, they are usually gleaned from the hippie and Moroccan styles. When you go for a bohemian theme, you are looking into frilly items, patterns, embroidery, macrame, low beds, ottomans, throw pillows, and rugs. 

image; Pinterest

Traditional Theme

The traditional trend gleaned its style inspiration from 18th century French and English home decor. This means lots of flowers, pastels, peachy and light green upholsteries. The room’s arrangement is also made in asymmetry. 

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The vintage interior is also referred to as shabby-chic. This means a mixture of vintage home items and DIYs. Vintage can also be crafty with touches of distressed furniture, washed floors, floral patterns and prints, and pale palettes. 

image: Pinterest

Farm House

A farmhouse home decor leans towards rustic. However, it allows for an all-white clean home. This style idea pays more attention to the functional areas in the house. These include large kitchens and dining areas, dominant fireplace, exposed beams, barn doors, wooden floors, and cozy fabrics. 

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The Mediterranean home is the one with a dominant earth tone color. Here, ornaments can be used in abundance, and it features arches, columns, tiles, bricks, and tall ceilings. 

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