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HomeNewsPolice Discover a Trailer Full of Bibles Burning Outside Tennessee Megachurch

Police Discover a Trailer Full of Bibles Burning Outside Tennessee Megachurch

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Police in Middle Tennessee are investigating after discovering a trailer full of Bibles burning outside a controversial Tennessee megachurch. According to police reports, Pastor Greg Locke leads the Middle Tennessee church. Authorities found the burning bibles right before the church held Easter Sunday service.

A picture of the trailer authorities discovered
Source: DailyMail/X

Officials said the intentional fire occurred on a street outside Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, about 20 miles directly east of downtown Nashville. At about 6 a.m., Police and firefighters responded to a report of a trailer fire at an intersection outside the evangelical church.

Afterward, the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office reported that they “promptly extinguished” the blaze. In a news release, the sheriff’s office wrote that someone dropped the trailer containing bibles off in the middle of the intersection and then intentionally set it on fire. Fortunately, authorities recorded no injuries. 

As stated earlier, Pastor Greg Locke pastors the Global Vision Bible Church, where authorities found the burning trailer. Notably, Locke is a controversial pastor who is outspoken on various social and political issues. He has regularly hosted controversial conservative figures at his church.

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Some of these controversial figures include former Republican operative Roger Stone. Following the police’s discovery, Locke addressed the trailer at his church. The controversial pastor said “probably 200 Bibles” were on the trailer. Also, Locke said someone set the fire in front of an entrance.

Furthermore, the pastor hinted that the burning trailer was a direct attack on the church. He said the fire “was 100 percent directed” at the church he founded. “It blocked the entrance to our campus,” Locke said. “And the fact that it was an entire load of Bibles is rather conclusive proof that it was most assuredly directed at us.”

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He added, “It did not, nor will it stop us.” The pastor also noted that authorities cleaned the damage up in time for people to drive into the parking lot. “We had a full house and a marvelous service,” Locke noted. Before the trailer incident, the church reportedly had burning events. 

Global Vision held burning events that involved materials the church believed had witchcraft and were occultic. Its leader once served on an advisory committee for Evangelicals for Trump and regularly attended events in Washington, D.C.

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According to reports, Locke was in Washington on January 6, 2021, the day of the Capitol insurrection. However, he claimed he had walked to the Capitol but had not gone inside. Also, he described what took place at the Capitol as “horrendous.” During the early stages of the pandemic, Locke allegedly spread misinformation about COVID-19.

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Consequently, X permanently banned him from social media sites in 2021. Furthermore, Locke’s church violated the pandemic rules by holding in-person services, including in a tent, against warnings from Gov. Bill Lee. Hence, the burning trailer incident has raised brows. 

While officials have yet to release additional details about the fire, an investigation is ongoing. According to police reports, authorities have made no arrests in the case. They are asking anyone with information about the fire or who has camera footage of the fire to contact the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office.

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