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What Was Naomi Judd’s Net Worth? Four Facts About the Late Musician

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The late musician is considered a country music icon, but what was Naomi Judd’s net worth before her death? 

American music mother and daughter duo Naomi and Wynonna Judd are one of country music’s all-time greats. Although an unusual family combination, the pair has produced many hit songs. The Judds, as they are popularly known, dominated the 1980s and early 1990s.

Naomi, born Dianna Ellen Judd on January 11, 1946, started her musical journey as a youngster in her small town in Kentucky. However, at 17, she had to put her dreams on hold when she became pregnant by a high-school classmate. Sadly, the high-school classmate rejected any further relationship, and while pregnant, Noami married Michael Ciminella.

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Naomi Judd
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Michael became known as the biological father of the child. Naomi gave birth to her child Christina Claire Ciminella on May 30, 1964. Yes, Christina is who we now popularly know as Wynonna Judd. Michael and Naomi also welcomed another child Ashley in 1968.

Naomi and Wynonna, who learned to play the guitar as a teen, started singing together in the late 1970s. In 1976, mother and daughter adopted the stage name Naomi and Wynonna Judd, or, together, the Judds.

Mother and Daughter Become Stars

Their path to fame started in 1982 after record producer Brent Maher heard and became impressed by their audition tape. A year later, RCA Victor Records signed them, and their first single, “Had a Dream (For the Heart),” made the Billboard Country Singles Chart.

Their next two singles, “Mama He’s Crazy” and “Why Not Me,” released in 1984, proved game-changing for the duo. Both songs became number one hits and earned them a Grammy Award.

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Naomi and Wynnona Judd
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They remained top-rated and successful country music stars for subsequent years until 1991, when Naomi was diagnosed with debilitating chronic hepatitis C. The group had to dissolve, and Wynonna had to pursue a solo career with immense success. 

Over the subsequent years, Naomi became an author of children’s books and self-help manuals. She also became a motivational speaker, talking openly about her mental struggles. 

Mother and daughter briefly reunited in 1999 and together went touring in 2000. The duo went on another reunion tour in 2010-11, which they made into a series, “The Judds.” they also performed together multiple times at award shows. Sadly Noami died on April 30, 2022.

What Was Naomi Judd’s Net Worth?

For most of her life, Naomi was known for her singing talents. However, her contribution to the success of the Judds in the music industry and making them icons of country music cannot be understated.

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Naomi Judd
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Naomi Judd’s net worth was a substantial $25 million at the time of her death. Naomi’s enormous wealth came from her music career, with the Judds selling over 20 million albums. She also worked as an executive producer on multiple television shows. 

The Judd’s final tour became the most successful musical event, and their farewell show became the most successful musical event ever. Naomi made a considerable amount as an author of several books as well. The music star also founded the “Noamin Judd Education and Research Fund” in 1991.

How Old Was Naomi Judd?

Naomi Judd was 76 years old at the time of her death. The music star had celebrated her 76th birthday earlier in the year on January 11. So the news of her death on April 30, 2022, shocked most people.

How Did Naomi Judd Die? 

After Noami’s death, her youngest daughter Ashley Judd appeared on “Good Morning America” to discuss her mother’s tragic passing. On the program, Ashley shockingly revealed that Naomi took her own life.

According to Ashley, a recognized actress, the family wanted to control the amount of information given about Naomi’s death before an autopsy would be released. She disclosed

“She used a weapon…my mother used a firearm. So that’s the piece of information that we are very uncomfortable sharing, but understand that we’re in a position that if we don’t say it someone else is going to.”

Ashley further explained that the family asked her to talk about Naomi’s death and shed light on her struggles with mental health. They hoped sharing her story would help others suffering from it as well. The iconic musician became another celebrity who died from gunshot wounds in 2022.

Naomi Judd’s Post-Humous Induction Into Music Hall of Fame

A day after her death Naomi Judd and her eldest daughter, Wynonna, were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. The honor, which is only bestowed upon the best artists, showcased how much impact the duo had on country music.

The event proved to be a bitter-sweet day for Wynonna and her sister Ashley because their mother had taken her life a day before. However, the sisters took to the stage to honor their mother and her legacy. 

After receiving her medal, Ashley hugged her sister Wynonna before facing the audience to give an emotional speech. Ashley said:

“My mama loved you so much and she appreciated your love for her and I’m sorry that she couldn’t hang on until today. And while this is so much about The Judds as a duo, I wanted to take a moment to recognize my sister, a G.O.A.T.”

After Ashley’s speech, Wynonna took the mic and explained she didn’t prepare anything to say because she knew her mother would’ve had a lot to say. Instead, she struggled to hold back tears as she disclosed how heartbroken and blessed she felt. 

After the event, Ashley posted an emotional tribute to their mother on Instagram and thanked fans for their support.

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