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HomeNewsMichigan Men Confront Cousin’s Abusive Ex-Husband, Demands Whereabouts of Missing Girlfriend

Michigan Men Confront Cousin’s Abusive Ex-Husband, Demands Whereabouts of Missing Girlfriend

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Michigan Men Confront Cousin’s Abusive Ex-Husband, Demands Whereabouts of Missing Girlfriend
Source: MSN

Two men from Michigan confronted their cousin’s abusive ex-husband, Ryan Bane, who approached them in a gym in Lake Orion. The men asked him about the whereabouts of his missing girlfriend, implying he must know something he isn’t saying. According to them, he had a terrible temper and a history of physical abuse. 

Therefore, they are wary of him and believe he is complicit in her disappearance. When he approached them at the gym, they began taking pictures of him and asked if he had “killed anyone lately.” This is particularly because his girlfriend, Sarm Heslop, disappeared shortly after leaving a bar with him in 2021. 

Bane was a former yachtsman, and Heslop vanished off his catamaran, much to her family’s dismay. Since February 2021, no one has heard from her or seen her, so the cousins of his ex-wife, Corie Stevenson, believe he has something to do with her disappearance. 

After they confronted him, he left without any comments. Several attempts to reach Bane for a statement have also been unsuccessful. Since he is only a person of interest in the disappearance case, he is not under arrest, and they have not charged him with a crime. 

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After Heslop’s disappearance made the news in 2021, Bane’s ex-wife spoke to Fox News Digital about his temperament. Stevenson said Bane had a short temper and was so unstable that she could not leave him alone with their daughter. She also added that he was only physically violent with her once. 

This happened in 2011 when they were on the way home from a wedding. He kicked her while she was driving and dragged her out of the car when they got to their driveway. In addition, he knocked out one of her teeth, squeezed her throat, and then went to bed. 

A frightened Stevenson called the police, and they arrested Bane on domestic violence charges. He pled guilty to the charges against him and served 21 days in jail, according to court documents. 

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At the time of Heslop’s disappearance, the British national worked as a cook on his charter yacht based in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Before this, he was a flight attendant. The couple went to dinner in St. John on March 7 and left around 10 p.m. that night. 

However, the police have not publicly confirmed if she made it back to his yacht that night. Around 2:30 a.m. the next day, Bane called 911, reporting that she was not on board. The Virgin Islands police told him to contact the Coast Guard, but Bane did not do so for about 10 long hours. 

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He also allegedly refused to allow responding sailors to search his vessel’s cabin. One can understand why many people think he is either complicit or hiding something.

Heslop’s family have concluded that she’s probably long dead, but they need to know what happened in order to move on. They hope the police will find leads soon enough to help solve Sarm Heslop’s missing case. 

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