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New Hampshire Man Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charges, Pins Murder of Daughter on His Ex-Wife

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Adam Montgomery’s defense has turned the spotlight on his estranged wife, Kayla Montgomery, as they lay out their strategy for the trial concerning the death of his five-year-old daughter, Harmony Montgomery.

The trial, taking place in Manchester, New Hampshire, centers on the tragic murder of Harmony in December 2019. Adam Montgomery, aged 34, initially indicated his intention to plead guilty to two lesser charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying information related to Harmony’s death.

In a dramatic turn of events during the trial’s opening statements, Montgomery’s lawyer, James Broshe Oks, shifted the blame onto Kayla Montgomery, alleging that she was the last person to see Harmony alive. Brooks painted a picture of Kayla as the orchestrator of a deceptive narrative aimed at framing her husband for the crime.

According to Brooks, the Montgomery family, including Adam, Kayla, Harmony, and their two other children, lived in their car after being evicted from their home in December 2019. Allegedly, Harmony died while Kayla was alone with the children in the car. Brooks claimed that Adam agreed to conceal evidence to protect his wife and maintain custody of their children.

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Contrary to the prosecution’s assertion that Harmony died after being repeatedly struck in the head by her father, Brooks argued that Kayla was the one responsible for the death. He emphasized that Adam’s actions were driven by a desire to shield his family from the fallout of the tragedy.

The defense introduced a prison letter purportedly penned by Kayla Montgomery after her arrest on theft charges related to welfare benefits collected for Harmony between December 2019 and June 2021. 

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In the letter, Kayla allegedly outlined demands in exchange for incriminating Adam, including immunity from charges, custody of her children, and a desire to be reunited with him.

Brooks emphasized Kayla’s longing for intimacy with Adam, suggesting that her motives were not driven by fear but rather a desire for personal gain.

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The defense’s strategy aims to undermine the prosecution’s narrative and cast doubt on Adam Montgomery’s culpability in Harmony’s death. By portraying Kayla as the mastermind behind a web of deception, they seek to sway the jury’s perception of the case.

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As the trial unfolds, the contrasting narratives presented by the prosecution and defense will be closely scrutinized, shedding light on the tragic circumstances surrounding Harmony Montgomery’s death and the complex dynamics within the Montgomery family.

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