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Megan Fox Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Journey, Lists the Ones She’s Had

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Megan Fox
Source: Reddit

Renowned actress Megan Fox has offered candid insights into her plastic surgery journey, shedding light on the procedures she has undergone and those she prefers to avoid. The 37-year-old “Transformers “star joined Alex Cooper on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast this week to discuss her experiences with cosmetic enhancements.

“I’m just going to go through all the things that I’ve done,” Megan disclosed during the podcast. “I feel like there’s this stigma, and I’m not going to win. However, I hope it sets some people free.”

Megan divulged that her initial breast surgery took place at “21 or 22” years old, between the first and second “Transformers” movies. Describing the procedures as “conservative,” she later opted for a second breast surgery after completing breastfeeding. 

Recently, Megan underwent her third breast surgery to replace her implants due to rippling, opting for a size 32D, reminiscent of “1990s stripper t*tties,” according to PEOPLE.

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In addition to her breast surgeries, Megan addressed the surgeries she has refrained from pursuing. “I’ve never had a facelift of any kind,” she clarified. Despite expressing interest in procedures like a lateral brow lift, Megan has steered clear of them thus far. She also ruled out thread lifts, citing skepticism about their efficacy and potential interference with future facelifts.

Megan emphasized her stance on fat removal, stating, “I’ll never have any fat removed…I will only ever put fat in; I will never take fat out.” Consequently, she has avoided procedures such as buccal fat removal, liposuction, and contouring.

Discussing her nose, Megan acknowledged undergoing rhinoplasty in her early 20s. However, she addressed misconceptions surrounding the number of surgeries, debunking claims of multiple rhinoplasty procedures.

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Despite her experiences with plastic surgery, Megan expressed apprehension towards anesthesia and the surgical process. “I don’t like surgery. My body does not react well to general anesthesia… I’m very afraid of dying under general anesthesia,” she confessed, highlighting her cautious approach to undergoing surgical procedures.

Megan’s transparency regarding her plastic surgery journey offers a glimpse into the complexities and considerations involved in cosmetic enhancements. As she continues navigating her relationship with beauty standards and self-image, Megan’s openness provides empowerment and inspiration for individuals grappling with similar decisions.

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Her willingness to discuss her journey on a public platform demonstrates her commitment to authenticity and transparency, challenging societal norms and encouraging others to embrace their choices regarding cosmetic procedures. 

By sharing her story, Megan contributes to a broader conversation about body positivity and self-acceptance, fostering a culture of understanding and compassion in an often scrutinized industry.

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