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Court Sentences Texas Man to Over Ten Life Sentences for Torturing Stepchildren

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Torturing Children
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David Calhoun, a 38-year-old Texas man, has been found guilty of horrific crimes involving the torture of children, resulting in him receiving more than ten life sentences. According to prosecutors cited by Fox 4, Calhoun subjected several children, including his stepchildren and nephews, to torture reminiscent of the brutal treatment inflicted on prisoners of war and political prisoners during the Korean and Vietnam wars. 

The atrocities occurred in a fifth-wheel trailer located near Gainesville, Texas, where the victims lived with Calhoun. The Cooke County District Attorney’s Office revealed that the jury deliberated for less than an hour before reaching a verdict.

Calhoun was convicted on five counts of sexual assault of a child, seven counts of aggravated assault, and one count of assault strangulation. Following the conviction, the jury swiftly deliberated on the punishment phase, ultimately sentencing Calhoun to 10 life sentences, along with additional terms of 10 years and two 20-year sentences.

“The prolonged period of torture that the defendant put the children through in this case is the worst abuse that I have ever seen,” stated Cook County prosecutor Eric Erlandson. 

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He described the mental, psychological, and physical torment endured by the victims over approximately six years as unimaginable.

Erlandson commended the courage and resilience exhibited by the children throughout the ordeal. Despite facing extreme adversity, they demonstrated unwavering determination and strength, ensuring that their harrowing experiences were revealed.

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The abuse began in 2017 when Calhoun assumed care for his nephews, according to court documents. However, authorities only became aware of the abuse in 2022, following the discovery of Calhoun’s 16-year-old nephew in a Nebraska hotel room. 

The teenager had fled his home to escape severe physical and psychological abuse, revealing scars across his body and recounting horrifying incidents of torture to law enforcement.

The teenager detailed being subjected to prolonged periods of captivity, where he was bound, burned, beaten, stabbed, and subjected to other forms of torture daily.

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Calhoun’s cruelty extended to removing the victim’s fingernails and toenails, knocking out teeth, and inflicting excruciating pain by wrapping a hair tie around his testicles. Further investigation uncovered evidence indicating that the abuse occurred across multiple cities in East Texas, affecting numerous children and adults residing in Calhoun’s home. 

Pamela Miller, Senior Policy Analyst with the APSAC Center for Child Policy, likened the abuse to “Intrafamilial Child Torture,” drawing parallels to the torture endured by prisoners of war and political prisoners during past conflicts.

Calhoun’s wife, Ashley Calhoun, and another adult residing in the home have also been indicted in connection with the case and are scheduled to stand trial next month.

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