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Fans Praise Dwayne Johnson for Seeking Consent Before Lifting Talk Show Host Drew Barrymore

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Fans Praise Dwayne Johnson for Seeking Consent Before Lifting Talk Show Host Drew Barrymore
Source: X/BuzzFeed

Dwayne Johnson’s recent appearance on Drew Barrymore’s talk show, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” created a lot of buzz online. Many fans praised him for asking for the actress’s consent and gently explaining things before he picked her up for a five-squat challenge. 

On the show, Barrymore surprised Johnson by dressing up in one of his most iconic outfits. She wore a black shirt over fake muscles, blue jeans, a brown fanny pack, a gold chain, and a short black-haired wig with sideburns. When Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, walked on stage, they both had a good laugh about her costume. 

During a show segment, the “Charlie’s Angel” actress asked if the “Moana” star could do five squats with her on his back. He responded with a laugh and offered to do the squats right there and then. An excited Barrymore agreed to the task and jumped onto the couch. 

Who wouldn’t be excited to be picked up by the iconic WWE wrestler in a fireman’s lift? Before touching her, Johnson took his time to delicately explain how he was going to wrap his arm around her leg and place her on his back. 

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In addition, he made sure she was comfortable with this and asked, “Is that cool?” Only when she said yes did the “Rampage” actor proceed to lift her. He did the five squats without breaking a sweat, prompting applause from the audience. 

The show posted this clip on Instagram on March 13, prompting comments from almost 9,000 people. While some addressed Barrymore’s excitement, most pointed out how Johnson asked for permission before lifting her. To some, it was further proof that he was a good girl dad, and they praised him for it. 

“The way The Rock asked for consent and explained what he was going to do before doing it,” a fan wrote. “You can tell he’s a girl dad; bravo, sir.” Another wrote, “I love how he asked for consent and told you exactly where he was going to put his hands.”

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“Ever the gentleman, getting full consent before touching her. Even when it was her idea first. Class act. Love him,” a third also wrote. In addition, some fans mentioned that many people need to learn more about consent, like Johnson showed. 

“The respect this man just showed her by explaining what he was going to do and getting her consent is what everyone needs to learn,” a fan said. “Respect to The Rock for showing manners and being a good sport about the request!” another commented.  

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Both Barrymore and Johnson are parents to just girls. Johnson has three beautiful daughters. His first is Simone, a 22-year-old, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Danny Garcia. He also shares two daughters, Jasmine, eight, and Tiana, five, with wife Lauran Hashian.

On the other hand, Barrymore shares her two daughters, Olive, 10, and Frankie, nine, with ex-husband Will Kopelman. Therefore, both parents also bonded over their love for their daughters. 

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