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Governor Healey’s Comment on Migrant’s Rape Case Dampens NH Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate’s Campaign

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New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte and Governor Maura Healey
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A 15-year-old disabled girl was raped at the Comfort Inn in Rockland, Massachusetts, on March 13th. According to reports, the accused suspect is a 26-year-old man, Cory Alvarez. However, the recent comments by the state Governor, Maura Healey, might have some repercussions on the gubernatorial campaign of her democratic colleague, Joyce Craig. 

An interviewer for Boston 25 recently asked the governor about her thoughts on the rape case. While she acknowledged the seriousness of the situation, she also mentioned that things like this “will happen” occasionally. 

“It’s a horrible situation. It’s a horrible allegation. My thoughts are with the victim and her family,” Healey told the outlet. “I think we have the right systems in place. Unfortunately, this is a terrible incident.” 

“This is also an individual who came in lawfully under the federal government through a federal program…. Unfortunately, we have security and systems in place, we have vetting in place, It is unfortunate, from time to time things will happen.” Without a doubt, this did not sit right with many people, including New Hampshire Republican gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte. 

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Ayotte, who is running against Craig, demanded that she denounce Healey’s support while in the governor’s race. In a statement to the Boston Herald, she wrote, “This is the problem with politicians.

There are real consequences for these dangerous sanctuary policies, and when the system fails our children, it is not good enough to say it will happen – it is unacceptable, and it must be fixed. Maura Healey should be ashamed of herself.”

“Unfortunately, Joyce Craig agrees with her Massachusetts mentor’s dangerous sanctuary policies and would bring this crisis to New Hampshire. Craig needs to denounce Healey’s endorsement and once and for all condemn sanctuary policies,” she added. 

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She shared the article with the Boston Herald and added a few more things on X. She wrote, “Joyce Craig can hide from the media all she wants, but she can’t hide from the truth. The truth is, Joyce agrees with @MassGovernor’s sanctuary policies that have left the commonwealth in complete chaos. I will not let Joyce Craig MASS up New Hampshire.” 

Craig’s team later responded by providing a statement to Fox News Digital written by her campaign manager, Craig Brown. “This is a disgusting attack by Kelly Ayotte, who should know better than to use a heinous crime to score political points,” he said. 

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“Joyce worked closely with law enforcement to reduce violent crime in Manchester by nearly 40% as mayor, and she supports legislation to strengthen our nation’s border. Kelly Ayotte proved she is more interested in playing politics than addressing the border crisis when she opposed the bipartisan border security bill that would have delivered billions to secure the southern border, provide more screening for migrants, and prevent fentanyl from being smuggled into our communities.”

Therefore, it is clear that Craig has no intentions of denouncing Healey’s support. The Massachusetts governor has also not made public comments or statements addressing the issue. Furthermore, the public’s main concern is that the little girl gets justice and the rapist is punished under the law. 

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