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Meet Shawn Howell Wayans, the Celebrity Kid Everyone Wants To Know About

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The Wayans family is a household name in the entertainment industry, and if you are a Hollywood movie fan, chances are their name rings a bell. Among this comedic genius, family is Shawn Howell Wayans, son of actor and comedian Marlon Wayans, and his ex-wife Angelica Zachary.

It’s no surprise that with their track record of showbiz success and all the wealth it brings, people are dying to know more about their son. So, let’s get to the burning question: who is Shawn Howell Wayans?

Marlon Wayans’s son, Shawn (Source: Instagram@shawnwayansss)

Shawn Howell Wayans’s Early Life and Education

Shawn Howell Wayans was born on February 3, 2002, a true Angeleno from vibrant Los Angeles, America. He stands out as the only son of Marlon Wayans and Angelica Zachary. Shawn was named after one of his father’s brothers, Shawn Mathis Wayans. Also, his diverse heritage blends his mother’s half-Japanese and African-American background, while his father proudly represents African-American ethnicity. 

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Education-wise, Shawn finished his schooling at Buckley School in Los Angeles, then pursued higher education at Loyola Marymount University, USA. While Shawn is a star in the classroom, he also shows a keen interest in sports, especially basketball and football.

Thanks to his well-known parents’ fame, Shawn has been regarded as a child star, basking in the limelight at a young age. Moreover, he’s active on social media, engaging with his followers and sharing glimpses of his life through various social media platforms.

Meet the Only Known Sibling of Shawn Howell Wayans

Shawn Howell Wayans has only one sibling named Amai Zackary Wayans. She was born on May 24, 2000, and like Shawn, Amai embraces her American identity while embodying a beautiful mix of African, American, and Japanese heritage. 

While we know little about Amai’s early academic journey, she’s a student at the prestigious University of Southern California. The news of her admission came from her father, Marlon Wayans, who congratulated her for securing a spot in one of California’s prestigious colleges. 

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Shawn, Amai, and their dad (source: interest)

Marlon’s support for Amai extends far beyond her academics. It encompasses every aspect of her life, including her sexual orientation. When Amai was only 14 years old, she had a heartfelt conversation with her dad, confessing that she kissed a girl and liked the experience.

Since then, Marlon has been a constant pillar of support to her, sending her shout-outs during Pride Month and fiercely defending her against cyberbullies so she feels safe and loved.

Meet Shawn’s Celebrity Parents

Shawn’s mother, Angelica Zachary, was born February 22, 1972, in New York City, USA. She is an African-American actress who has maintained a private life, and there’s limited information about her acting career. Angelica was popularly known as Marlon Wayne’s wife.

She made her acting debut in 1998 with a brief appearance in the comedy film “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.” She also appeared alongside Marlon in the movie “White Chicks” before being involved in the family sitcom “Marlon.” In addition to acting, she is a producer, comedian, and screenwriter.

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Shawn’s father, Marlon Lamont Wayans, is also an American actor, screenwriter, and producer. He was born in New York City on July 23, 1972, and raised in Fulton House as the youngest of ten siblings.

Marlon is best known for his collaboration with his brother Shawn Wayans on the WB sitcom “The Wayans Bros.” (1995–1999) and in comedy films such as “Don’t Be a Menace” (1996), “White Chicks” (2004), and “Little Man” (2006). 

Marlon Lamont Wayans (Source: Pinterest)

Are Shawn’s Parents Still Together?

Shawn Wayans’ parents were one of the couples whose marriage seemed like a happily ever after, only to end abruptly. After five years of marriage, the couple separated in 2010. While the reasons for their divorce are unknown, fans speculated that Marlon’s infidelity played a role, mainly when an interesting photo circulated in 2013.

The image captured Marlon Wayans kissing a much younger woman aboard a yacht. Although this scandal may not have been the significant reason they separated, it no doubt set the wheels in motion for their divorce proceedings. 

Marlon and Angelica finalized their divorce in 2013. Although their children, Shawn and Amai, stayed together longer with Angelica, the former couple did well in co-parenting them and remained friends.

His Relationship With His Dad

Marlon Wayans has proven over time to be a doting dad. He never misses an opportunity to support Shawn and his sister. He handles his time co-parenting with Shawn’s mother and having fun with his son and daughter.

Shawn, who has followed in his dad’s footsteps in playing football, never played a match without his dad on the pew cheering him on. He and his dad share a bond that warms the heart of everyone, especially his ex-wife. 

Shawn (Source: Instagram/@shawnwayansss)

Shawn Howell Wayans’s Relationship Status

When it comes to Shawn Howell Wayans’ relationship life, he follows in his father’s footsteps by keeping it largely private. As a result, not much information is available regarding his romantic relationships. Likewise, his financial status is a bit of a mystery, as his parents still provide for his primary needs.

Another celebrity kid who draws attention is Chris Brown’s son, Catori Brown. He shares a strong bond with his father and a striking physical resemblance.

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