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HomeNewsLetitia James’ Assistant Denies Facing Criminal Tampering Charges

Letitia James’ Assistant Denies Facing Criminal Tampering Charges

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An assistant to New York Attorney General Letitia James has denied facing a misdemeanor criminal charge for vandalism. Assistant Attorney General Stacey Hamilton may be facing a charge of third-degree criminal tampering after allegedly damaging a neighbor’s car.

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According to reports, the assistant AG threw an unknown liquid on a neighbor’s car in November 2023. After the news became public, Hamilton’s attorney accused the office of Albany County District Attorney David Soares of “unfair treatment.” However, court documents show an unassociated special prosecutor was assigned to the case.

In recent years, James’ office has been at the forefront of national discourse. The investigation of former President Donald Trump’s alleged wrongdoings spotlighted the office. The lengthy proceeding culminated in a business fraud lawsuit against Trump, ending in a judgment of over $464 million.

However, the purported charge against Hamilton is entirely unrelated to Trump. Instead, it involves an alleged dispute between Letitia James’ assistant attorney general and her neighbor. After The Times Union reported that Hamilton was facing charges, the assistant attorney general denied the allegations.

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Hamilton, who has worked for multiple agencies in New York, denied that a court charged her with any crime. Furthermore, she told the outlet’s reporters they “really need to do some investigating.”

Court documents cited by the outlet allege that Hamilton doused a neighbor’s car with “unknown liquids” on November 16, 2023. Afterward, the neighbor filed a vandalism complaint with police, saying the liquid had damaged the paint on his vehicle.

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In her defense, Hamilton’s lawyer, Kevin Gagan, said the girlfriend of the car owner assaulted her. The Assistant Attorney General said the neighbor’s girlfriend assaulted her on the same night of the alleged vandalism incident. Consequently, the girlfriend is facing a misdemeanor charge of assault.

Furthermore, Gagan alleged they fabricated the vandalism complaint to “get [Hamilton] arrested.” Hamilton’s lawyer also noted the allegations were to get the AAG “into the papers to embarrass her.” Gagan claims it was all a ploy to drop the criminal case against the neighbor’s girlfriend.

While condemning the allegations, Gagan took a swipe at Soares. He claimed that Soares’s office was “pulling the strings” behind the scenes. Gagan claims it’s due to “maybe some personal animosity between” a former coworker of Hamilton who works in the office.

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Following Gagan’s accusations, Soares’ office distanced itself from the case. The office noted that it had nothing to do with Hamilton’s purported prosecution. It also told reporters that there was “no truth to claims of behind-the-scenes manipulation by any member of our office.”

According to reports, Hamilton was supposed to appear in court over the alleged vandalism on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. However, City Court Judge John Reilly rescheduled the date for April 17. While her charges remain unknown, a conviction could spell doom. 

If the court charges and convicts the assistant attorney general of third-degree criminal tampering, she could face up to 90 days in jail.

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