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Lawsuit Blasts George Floyd Scholarship, Says It Violates Federal Civil Rights Law

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A Photo of a Placard that says "Discrimination in the name of Diversity is Wrong"
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A legal complaint recently lodged with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights contends that a university’s scholarship program exclusively offered to Black students violates U.S. federal civil rights regulations.

The complaint, filed by the Equal Protection Project of the Legal Insurrection Foundation, alleges that North Central University’s George Floyd scholarship violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by engaging in racial discrimination.

According to the complaint, the scholarship, designed solely for Black or African American students, contravenes regulations set forth in the Civil Rights Act, which specifically prohibits educational institutions from engaging in discriminatory practices based on race, color, or national origin.

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship, as the legal watchdog group asserts, represents a form of “invidious discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin.”

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To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must belong to the Black or African American racial groups, a requirement that has sparked controversy and legal scrutiny.

Established on June 4, 2020, the scholarship’s objective, as articulated by North Central University President Scott Hagan, was to invest in a new generation of young Black Americans poised to assume leadership roles in the nation.

Equal Protection founder William Jacobson denounced the scholarship’s eligibility criteria as “openly racially discriminatory,” emphasizing the unlawfulness and ethical concerns associated with such practices.

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He urged North Central University to devise a remedial plan to address the discrimination faced by students excluded from the scholarship based on race.

Moreover, the legal complaint cites alleged violations of Minnesota’s Human Rights Act, which criminalizes educational institutions’ restriction of access to educational programs on the grounds of race. This contention adds another layer of legal complexity to the issue at hand.

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The complaint underscores the broader legal landscape shaped by recent Supreme Court decisions, including one that overturned affirmative action in college admissions.

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The decision underscored the impermissibility of using race as a criterion for achieving diversity, thereby compelling higher education institutions to explore alternative methods of fostering student body diversity.

According to Jacobson, the Supreme Court’s stance on racial discrimination is unequivocal: any form of race-based discrimination is impermissible. He emphasized North Central University’s obligation to uphold its nondiscrimination policies and questioned the university’s compliance with its own standards.

Fox News Digital has reached out to North Central University for comment on the matter, indicating the significance and potential implications of the legal challenge against the university’s scholarship program.

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In conclusion, the legal complaint against North Central University’s racially exclusive scholarship highlights the complexities and legal ramifications surrounding affirmative action, racial discrimination, and equal access to educational opportunities.

As the case unfolds, it underscores the ongoing dialogue and legal battles aimed at promoting inclusivity and equality in educational institutions.

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