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Laura Diebel: Who Was Tim Allen’s First Wife?

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Laura Deibel was the first woman famous actor and comedian Tim Allen married. The union lasted over a decade and gave them Katherine Allen, a daughter they welcomed in 1989. 

While they were together, Diebel was known as his greatest supporter. Indeed, back then, it seemed like the couple would last forever. However, as Allen’s fame grew, it created friction between them, eventually leading to divorce. 

The pair have remained friends since then, but Diebel has faded from the spotlight, preferring to keep her and her daughter’s life away from the media. Keep reading to learn more about her. 

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Laura Diebel with Tim Allen
Laura Diebel with Tim Allen. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Was Tim Allen’s First Wife? 

Laura Diebel was Tim Allen’s first wife. She was born into a well-to-do family on November 12, 1956. Her father is Gibert Diebel, and her mother is named Annette. Unfortunately, her father has now passed on. 

He was a World War 2 veteran who worked as a B-24 Bomber Pilot along with the 5th Army Air Force. Her mom is also a successful woman and is the former director of a non-profit organization, Leelanau Conservancy. 

Laura had a great childhood and was raised with two siblings, girls like her. 

Tim Allen and Laura Diebel

Laura Deibel and Tim Allen initially met during their university days. They studied at Western Michigan University, and when they met, she was already a sales manager for an interior landscape.

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After they started dating, Diebel stuck by his side. She would always attend Allen’s comedy shows, which paid him $50 per performance, at Kutlenio’s in the early 80s. 

Allen’s longtime friend, Rob Cowin, was one of those who witnessed this. According to him, Diebel was always waiting for Allen after he finished his set, ready to give him a “big hug and kiss.”

Diebel’s support and devotion to Allen never wavered as time passed, even when he was nabbed for distributing drugs in Michigan and slammed with 28 months in federal prison. 

In 1991, Diebel said: “We loved each other. It was that simple.”

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Many believed theirs was a bond that would last forever, but fame had other things to say about that. 

Tim Allen
Tim Allen. (Source: Pinterest)

Why Laura Diebel Left Tim Allen 

Laura Diebel’s relationship with Allen continued until he started making it in Hollywood. The couple got married in 1984 and welcomed their daughter in 1989.

A year later, Allen became a cast member of ABC’s “Home Improvement” and it won him many notable accolades. Unfortunately, his success came at a price he had no problems paying.

He worked long hours and was always away from home filming, leaving Deibel alone to raise their daughter, Katherine Allen, and maintain their home life. All he did was rehearse for his Friday “Home Improvement” taping with his colleagues, and even when he was free, he chose to enjoy a few beers with his friends rather than spend time with his wife and child. 

Diebel tried to keep him grounded, but Allen was barely present in their lives. He was well aware of this, too, and in a 1997 interview, he confessed to letting his family “slide.” After the last season of “Home Improvement,” the actor tried to change things, but that did not fix all that had gone wrong. 

His friend Cowin said: “He’s like a CEO who retires after 30 years on the job and suddenly comes home and has nothing to do but bother his wife. He’s driving her crazy.”

In 1999, Diebel filed for divorce for reasons like interpersonal differences and incompatibility. However, she claims she left Allen because she found out he was unfaithful. After the divorce, Diebel and Allen reached a private settlement that saw them enjoy shared custody of their daughter.

Laura Diebel
Laura Diebel. (Source: Pinterest)

Laura Diebel Now

Diebel lived a private life before she met Allen, and he became a star. After their marriage, she chose to once again live a private life with her daughter, whom she also keeps away from the spotlight. 

Today, Diebel reportedly owns a cherry farm in Omena Point, which used to belong to her parents. She has reportedly never tried marriage again after her split from Tim Allen, and it is unknown if she has been dating or presently has a man in her life. 

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