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Who Is Tim Allen’s Daughter, Katherine Kady Allen?

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Meet Katherine Kady Allen, the eldest child of the actor and comedian Tim Allen. Find out what her life as a celebrity kid is like.

Katherine Kady Allen’s father, Tim Allen, had her with his first wife, Laura Deibel. While he has made it clear that he loves Katherine as much as he does his second and teen daughter Elizabeth, he has also shown his regret for not being very present in Katherine’s life.

That leaves us wondering if Katherine has a close relationship with her dad today. The answer might shock you.

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Who Is Katherine Kady Allen?

Katherine Kady Allen is the daughter of the famous actor and comedian Tim Allen. She was born in December 1989 to Tim and his first wife, Laura Diebel. Katherine is popularly known as a celebrity kid. Over the years, Katherine has successfully kept the details of her personal and professional life private and isn’t big on social media platforms. 

While we don’t know her reasons for living away from the limelight, we know her decision isn’t unusual. Most celebrity kids have the habit of staying away from the spotlight, preferring to stay away from their parents’ fame.

They often want to find a path of their own. On the other hand, some celebrity kids are hidden from publicity by their parents. 

Tim Allen, his second wife, and kids, Katherine and Elizabeth, at the Toy Story Premiere (Source: Instagram@unofficial_timallen)

While Katherine has succeeded in living away from the limelight, she occasionally appears on the red carpet with her dad.

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Who Is Katherine Kady Allen’s Dad, Tim Allen?

Katherine’s father, Tim Allen, is an American actor and comedian. His real name is Timothy Alan Dick. Tim was born on June 13, 1953, in Denver, Colorado. He is the third oldest of six children, with two older brothers, two younger brothers, and a younger sister.

Unfortunately, when Tim was 11, his father died in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Despite this tragedy, he persevered and continued to pursue his passions. He attended Seaholm High School in Birmingham, where he discovered his love for theater and music.

He became interested in classical piano but only pursued it as a hobby. He went on to attend Central Michigan University before transferring to Western Michigan University in 1974.

While at Western Michigan, Tim worked at the student radio station WIDR and eventually received a Bachelor of Science in communications. He specialized in radio and television production. He also studied philosophy and design, showing his diverse interests and talents.

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Tim Allen (Source: Instagram@unofficial_timallen)

With his impressive background and dedication to his craft, it’s no wonder Tim became a successful actor, comedian, and writer. You might know him from his role in the popular TV show “Home Improvement.”

He also lent his voice to the “Toy Story” movies. Regardless of how you know him, there’s no denying that Tim Allen is a talented and fascinating individual.

Tim Allen’s Marriage to Katherine Kady Allen’s Mum

Katherine’s parents got married on April 7, 1984. Before their marriage, Katherine Kady Allen’s parents dated for a while. Katherine’s mum, Laura, was a great pillar of support to Tim when he needed it the most.

She was there for him when he was arrested and imprisoned in 1978 for cocaine trafficking. She waited patiently for him, and they married after Tim’s release. 

Sadly, their marriage couldn’t survive the absenteeism caused by Tim’s acting job. He became more and more absent, causing their marriage to deteriorate. Fifteen years after they said their ‘I do’s,’ Laura filed for a divorce based on irreconcilable differences.

Is There a Father-Daughter Relationship Here?

Because of the consistent absence of Tim, he wasn’t present during Katherine’s childhood. However, things have taken a different turn as Katherine and her dad seem closer. On several occasions, she has been spotted so many times with her father, his second wife, her mother, and her half-sister.

Elizabeth Allen, Katherine’s Half-Sister

Katherine Kady Allen has a half-sister Elizabeth Allen. Elizabeth is Tim’s daughter with his second wife, Jane Hajduk. Tim settled down maritally with his second wife on October 7, 2006. They welcomed their first child Elizabeth in March 2009.

Both of Tim’s daughters live their lives away from the limelight. However, Elizabeth recently landed a role as Santa’s daughter in the Christmas movie “The Santa Clauses.” A role Tim described as having been a surprise to him.

14-year-old Elizabeth in the movie The Santa Clauses (Source: Instagram@unofficial_timallen)

Elizabeth appears to be following her father’s footsteps, while Katherine Kady Allen’s work life remains unknown. But one thing is sure, she is happy to live away from the spotlight. However, other celebrity kids, like the daughter of John Travolta, Ella Bleu, enjoy life in the limelight. She grew from a heartbroken girl to a celebrated model.

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