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HomeNewsJury Frees Mississippi Police Sergeant Who Shot Unarmed 11-Year-Old Boy

Jury Frees Mississippi Police Sergeant Who Shot Unarmed 11-Year-Old Boy

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Around 4 am on May 20, the Indianola Police Department responded to a distress call from a resident, Nakala Murry. On arrival at the Murry residence, Sgt. Greg Capers tried to de-escalate a tense situation. 

Adrienne Murry, Carlos Moore, and Nakala Murry at a press briefing
Source: WJTV News/YouTube

Unfortunately, the episode ended with 11-year-old Aderrien Murry getting shot in the chest. It is worth noting that the boy did not have any weapon or potentially lethal object with him. 

Luckily for young Aderrien, his mother, Nakala, is a certified medical assistant. So, she professionally administered first aid to the bleeding boy while they waited for the ambulance. At the hospital, Adrienne was treated for a kidney laceration, lung collapse, and rib fracture. 

By dawn of that same day — May 20, news of the shooting went around the town. Soon after, the Board of Alderman met and voted to suspend Capers.

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Capers’ woes did not end there, as Mrs Murry also filed a lawsuit against him. The case file cited the use of excessive force during the 911 response. Likewise, the attorney representing the Murry family equally sued the police chief and the city of Indianola. 

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In a surprise judgment last week, a grand jury decided that Sgt. Capers did not commit any crime by shooting the defenseless Adrienne. Likewise, Attorney General Lynn Fitch made it public on Thursday that Sgt. Capers will be facing no criminal charges over the shooting. 

According to Micheal Carr, Capers’ legal representation, the grand jury made the right call. In defense of his client, Carr declares that his client could have lost his livelihood and career if the judgment had gone in the other direction. 

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Mrs Murry and her lawyer, Carlos Moore, are unsatisfied with the jury’s judgment. They see it as a lack of consideration for the suffering of the young boy in question and the trauma his entire family had to go through. 

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Mrs Murry later gave a detailed explanation of the build-up to the shooting on that fateful day. Apparently, the man who gathered one of Mrs Murry’s other children showed up in the house and was stirring up some disturbance. So, Nakala instructed her son, Adrienne, to call the police. Not long after, Sgt. Capers arrived at the Murry’s home in Indianola. 

The first instruction from Capers on arriving at the scene was for everyone in the house to step outside. He also asked that they raise their hands in the air. Unfortunately, as Adrienne was turning around a hallway corner. As he stepped into the living room, Capers shot him in the chest. 

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During the court hearing, Moore called for a release of the bodycam footage from Capers gear. The plaintiff believes the footage would prove that Capers is a menace to society. Also, it would provide evidence that his suspension should have been indefinite. However, the court has given accent to a motion by Carr that prevents the bodycam footage from going public. 

Despite Capers’ acquittal by the grand jury, Moore and the Murrys are still pursuing a $5 million lawsuit. They are suing the city of Indianola and the police chief. Nakala Murry believes Capers’ mistake was due to a lack of proper training. By implication, she believes his police chief and the city of Indianola should be held responsible. 

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