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Joe Exotic Flaunts Longer Mullet in Latest Mug Shot

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Joe Exotic, infamous for his role in “Tiger King” and serving time for a hit plot, embarked on an unexpected journey from an Oklahoma federal prison to a Florida jail. His movement is due to a legal dispute with a country singer, Vince Johnson, over song rights featured in the series. 

Joe Exotic
Source: Very Local/ YouTube

Exotic was rebooked at the Santa Rosa County jail to appear in court. It’s legal for the jailers to take mug shots of all inmates during the intake process, so they did that with him. But the interesting thing is that no one knows his whereabouts. Strange, right? 

Where is Joe Exotic Currently? 

Joe Exotic’s whereabouts are a mystery as he left the Oklahoma facility. However, despite the conspiracy surrounding his disappearance, one thing is sure: his return to Oklahoma by bus promises to be a journey of suspense.

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Joe Exotic
Source: Very Local/ YouTube

And now that he is in the headlines, a sneak peek of his transformed appearance in a new mugshot leaves us wondering what is in store for him.

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Joe Exotic’s Latest Mugshot Appearance

As stated earlier, Exotic, 60, is currently serving a hefty 21-year prison term. Recently, he made headlines with a striking image makeover. Sporting a longer blonde mullet with edgy short bangs, he posed for a new mugshot at the Santa Rosa County jail in Florida. Exotic’s funny and weird moves continue to captivate public attention, even behind bars. 

Joe Exotic
Source: Pinterest

Just last month, he hit on Machine Gun Kelly from prison, making funny claims of being able to turn the rapper gay with a tiger and meth. Exotic took to X to shoot his shot at the 33-year-old pop punk rapper as he caused a stir over tattooing the entire upper half of his body.

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Joe Exotic Proposed to Machine Gun Kelly With a Tiger Twist

Joe Exotic is truly audacious. He recently took to the microblogging site to stir the pot, sharing a shirtless picture of Machine Gun Kelly displaying his tattoo. Decorated with the text, “A tiger and a little bit of meth, I can make MGK gay.” He even tagged MGK as he wrote in the caption: “Anyone remember that line from Tiger King? @machinegunkelly.”

Joe Exotic
Source: Pinterest

Exotic did not stop there; he posted again on X. This time, he mentioned MGK’s fiancee, Megan Fox, saying, “Once you go Tiger King, you’ll forget about the Fox.” This event refers to the entangled relationships depicted in the highly popular Netflix docuseries. There, Exotic’s former husbands, Travis Maldonado and Dillon Passage, were revealed to be straight men. 

Apparently, Exotic lured them into relationships with him with the attraction of drugs and caretaking for numerous tigers.

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Joe Exotic Begs Politicians and Celebrities for Freedom

Relentlessly, the former owner of Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park has been begging politicians and celebrities like Kim Kardashian to get him out of prison. Notably, he did the same with MGK. Joe Exotic seems wise as he uses his newfound connection with MGK to seek freedom. 

Joe Exotic
Source: Pinterest

Using MGK’s image, he said, “Now that we’re practically a new item. Help me get the hell out of here.” It’s a desperate plea from Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado. Notably, he was convicted on 17 federal charges of animal abuse and two counts of attempted murder for hire in his plot to kill Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin in 2019.

The case was the focus of the 2020 Netflix series “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.” 

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Exotic’s Health Issues

Last February, it was reported that Exotic’s medical team feared his prostate cancer had spread to his bladder. However, he was refusing treatment. While Exotic battles health crises behind bars, Machine Gun Kelly made headlines, revealing a new tattoo on Instagram and captioning it, “For spiritual purposes only.”

Joe Exotic
Source: Pinterest

Amidst this saga, the public still speculates about Exotic’s whereabouts and future. Some suggest he may already be en route to Oklahoma by bus, leaving the time of his return uncertain. Just so you know, Joe Exotic remains active on social media, even making waves with a recent appearance on a radio show. 

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