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A Look Inside the Kardashian-west Family’s Colorful Spider Themed Halloween Ensemble

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Disguised as colorful spiders, the Kardashian-West clan stopped the clock this Halloween with their creative ensembles.

The Kardashian-west clan is famous for going all out when it comes to slaying for a night of trick or treats. This Halloween, they stormed the internet with some of the most creative costumes of all time.

From their depiction of an ambush of tigers led by the tiger queen, Kim K, to their colorful spider-themed costumes, the family meant business.

The “KUWTK” star gave fans a glimpse into her family’s iconic arachnoid-inspired ensemble in a series of photos shared on her Instagram. The shots showed Kim, disguised as a pink spider, posing alongside her husband and kids who also donned spider costumes.

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To the 40-year-old, the family shot was more than just a Halloween outfit. It marked a significant milestone for her, as reflected by the icon’s caption, which read:

“Spiders Halloween, 2020. #OvercomingMyFears”

One of the pictures also showed the SKIMS CEO in her costume, posing in front of a giant spider sculpture alongside Kanye West. The Kardashian-West clan finalized the Halloween concept with a creative input of spider webs in the background. 

The shots proved the star had indeed overcome her fear of arachnids, thanks to the creative Halloween costume.

She [Carole Baskin] referred to Kim as the beautiful version of herself

Kim Kardashian’s family spider ensemble is one of two awe-inspiring outfits rocked by the family of six this Halloween. In an earlier post, the entrepreneur and her kids stunned in Tiger-themed outfits.

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The costume, inspired by the 2020 documentary show “Tiger King,” saw the 40-year old dressed as Carole Baskin from the show. Her kids clustered around her, all dressed as tigers, with Kim’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, posing as Joe Exotic.

Their outfit proved to be a show-stealer, garnering over three million likes on social media. And just when fans thought they’d seen it all, the reality star shocked everyone with the clan’s colorful spider outfits.

Kim Kardashian’s costuming skills have become legendary, earning approval from fans and celebrities. Following the Kardashian-West portrayal of “Tiger King” characters, Carole Baskin, the roleplayer of the character Kim depicted, admitted the star’s rendition of herself blew her away.

Baskin went on to affirm that the mother-of-four outdid her with the perfect Carole Baskin costume. She referred to Kim as the beautiful version of herself.

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The “Tiger King” star also shared details of her experience this Halloween, reflecting on the thrills of having “total strangers” dress up to portray her look.

Experiencing the Halloween treatment was a first for Baskin, and having Kim try to imitate her character for Halloween was more than she could have asked for. The perfect Halloween treat!

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