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How Many Kids Does Halle Berry Have? Meet Her Adorable Children

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Halle Berry’s career has seen her play the mom role on occasions, but how many kids does she have in real life?

In the 2017 film, “Kidnap,” Halle Berry played a desperate yet relentless and brave mom ready to drive to the ends of the earth to reclaim her son. While the drive was indeed an adventure, it pales when compared to the actress’ real-life adventures as a mom in Hollywood.

The actress has been open about her motherhood journey, from onceiving later in her career, to standing by her kids. As the kids grow older, the journey seems to get even more adventurous, with the youngsters gradually discovering themselves amid the paparazzi provocations.

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Halle Berry and her kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Amid it all, she couldn’t be prouder to be a mom. She once gushed about life with her kids, admitting she learned so much from them. She also described the children as the best company she ever had, especially since her third divorce. Granted, Halle Berry is a proud mom, who is content being with her kids. But just how many children does she have?

How Many Kids Does Halle Berry Have?

Halle Berry has two children, including daughter Nahla Aubry and son Maceo Robert Martinez. The actress, who has been married three times, only became a mom at 41, after suffering her second divorce.

Sadly, her relationship with her daughter’s dad  Gabriel Aubrey also ended in separation and a bitter custody battle. Six years later, Berry’s son arrived, fulfilling all her motherhood dreams.

Before becoming a mom, the actress tied the knot about two times. Her first was to baseball player David Justice whom she divorced officially in 1993. The actress proceeded to marry singer-songwriter Eric Benet, but that too ended in divorce.

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Asked why she never had kids in any of her previous marriages, but waited until she was older, Berry admitted she held off the inevitable because she believed “you’re so much more ready to be a parent after 40 than when you’re 20.”

Meet Nahla Ariela Aubrey

Halle Berry and her daughter | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Nahla Ariela Aubrey is Halle Berry’s first child and only daughter, born on March 16, 2008. The actress shares the 14-year-old with her ex-partner Gabriel Aubrey, whom she dated for five years.

The “Cat Woman” star first met Gabriel in 2005, shortly after finalizing her divorce from second husband Eric Benet. The two dated until 2010, during which time their daughter arrived.

After their relationship ended, both got joint custody of the child but resorted to a bitter battle when Berry attempted to move to France with a new partner. The court ruled in Aubrey’s favor, also ordering the actress to pay bogus sums in child support which translated to $200,000 annually, plus attorney’s fees of over $100 thousand.

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Despite the bitter drama between the co-parents, Nahla shares a close-knit relationship with her mom. Aside from their shared sweet moments splattered across social media, the two have been spotted out and about on occasions enjoying meals together or simply hitting the streets.

Additionally, the 55-year-old never misses a chance to gush about her daughter. While speaking about her children in an interview in November 2021, Halle Berry flaunted her daughter’s academic prowess. She admitted the teenager was “getting all A’s in school” and she couldn’t be prouder.

This isn’t to say they’ve experienced no tough moments. In 2020, Berry revealed the heartbreaking moment she had to shave off her daughter’s hair because she let it become all-tangled from taking constant dips in the pool without brushing her hair.

She utilized the moment to educate her daughter on the importance of brushing her hair every day. For her 13th birthday in 2021, Berry shared a sweet throwback photo of them cozying up together. She took to the caption to admit how much she loved her daughter.

Meet Maceo Robert Martinez

Halle Berry's son Maceo Robert Martinez  | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Five years after welcoming Nahla, Berry became a mother again, giving birth to her son Maceo Robert Martinez. The boy arrived on October 25, 2013, during her third marriage to French actor Oliver Martinez.

Berry and Oliver divorced in 2016 and maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship. As with her daughter, Berry enjoys talking about her son in public and sharing tidbits of his life with the world.

She once quipped about her son’s ability to make her laugh regularly by dressing up in her clothes and shoes. Going further, she described the youngster as a clown, and once shared a video of him happily rocking her boots.

Aside from his funny, outgoing personality, Berry ensures her son grows up to be a deep thinker on the subject of gender stereotypes. She once said of her son:

“I see how he’s taught to feel superior at 5 than girls are. I’ve had to really break that down for him and give him a new perspective, and challenge those thoughts, and asked him to identify where that comes from.”

Berry believes having these conversations would help her son rethink the subject and understand he was not obliged to just accept stereotypical norms.

Does Halle Berry Want More Kids

Seeing how great parenting seems to be going for her, one may be tempted to ask if Halle Berry intended to have more kids, and if she does, how many? Notably, that possibility seems unlikely, as the mom-of-two seems to be done with parenting for good.

Reflecting on her motherhood journey in a 2019 interview, the icon disclosed she would have welcomed more kids if she embraced motherhood earlier.

Meanwhile, she is content being a mom to 14-year-old Nahla and 8-year-old Maceo, dedicating her all to them despite her tendency to live a frugal lifestyle.

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