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10 Celebrities Who Are Rich but Live Frugal Lifestyles

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Money is an age-long measure of wealth and affluence, and when it comes to flaunting it, no one does it better than the idolized figures called celebrities.

It is common among fans to consider celebrities as affluent personalities raking in seven figures. While some live the part, enjoying extravagant lifestyles with all the luxuries imaginable, others prefer to maintain modesty in their spending.

Some celebrities in the latter group tend to embrace frugal lifestyles to live within their means. However, others in this group choose to exercise modesty, not out of lack, but out of a conscious desire to exercise a level of control over their spending. 

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This, in turn, helps them achieve specific goals, and in the long run, imbibe in them and their kids invaluable tenets on finance management. Here is a list of ten celebrities who fall in this second category, living a frugal lifestyle despite having riches in abundance.


“Girls Trip” star Tiffany Haddish lives on a budget despite her Hollywood fame and an estimated net worth of $6 million. The talented actress never shies away from discussing her budget-friendly lifestyle, including which of her fashion pieces were designers.

She once admitted she drove a Honda HR-V, owns a fake Michael Kors purse, and boasts of a Givenchy bag, and one cherished Fendi gifted to her by Jada Pinkett. As someone who was once homeless, Haddish understood the value of her newfound wealth, hence her decision to remain conscious of her spending. Way to go, girl.


Singer Ed Sheeran must be the least expected person to make this list due to his music stardom. Yet, he is one of the famous stars who stick to budgets in a big way. In an interview, the icon admitted he lived on $1000 a month, spent “mostly on taxis.”

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To ensure he kept to his budget, Sheeran still utilizes his Barclays student account, which avails him his money in bits as a monthly allowance.


Investment mogul Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, makes this list of celebrities with frugal lifestyles. As an investor, being figure-conscious should be expected. However, with over $90 billion net worth, building a dream home worth a fortune shouldn’t be too much of a luxury.

But Buffett thinks differently. Despite his fortune over the years, the billionaire resides in a not-so-lavish home, which he purchased at $31,500 in 1958. That’s worth only a fraction of his wealth.

Image: Instagram/WarrenBuffett830
Image: Instagram/WarrenBuffett830


The renowned Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is notoriously tight-fisted, a not-so-surprising trait for someone who worked for every penny he’s worth. Rising to billionaire-status from scratch, the social media mogul sometimes refuses to leave tips at restaurants and ensures no charge on his account goes unaccounted for.

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Actress Sarah Jessica Parker landed unmatched fame when she portrayed Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex And The City” for six seasons. Alongside her fame came wealth in abundance, which she still basks in to date.

Notwithstanding, the star chose to maintain a modest lifestyle, continually seeking means to cut on her spending. As a result, she is always on the lookout for freebies, showers her son with hand-me-downs, and rarely adds new items to her wardrobe.


Coming from humble beginnings, actress Halle Berry finds it hard to spend extravagantly. The star, who witnessed her mom’s struggle for money as a child, would go out of her way to spend within a budget. Even if it meant ravaging through bargain bins and sale racks in search of a discount, count her in anytime.


Arguably one of the world-famous actresses, Kristen Bell has taken the frugal lifestyle to the peak. Between her famous $45 dress from Target, which she once wore to an event, and her $142 wedding to Dax Shepherd, jokingly tagged “the world’s worst wedding,” Bell deserves an award for her budget-conscious lifestyle.


Following her run in the “Twilight Saga,” actress Ashley Greene adopted years of financial lessons from her dad’s good book. In 2012, the icon disclosed in an interview that having learned to save and be frugal from her dad, she decided to save up all her acting earnings to purchase her dream house and car instead.

That way, she could guarantee she had enough to last her and her dogs for the next three years, even without landing new acting gigs. So far, she’s made her dad proud.


Famed for his rich rap lyrics, often aimed at the dangers of materialism, Kendrick Lamar applies his budget-friendly principles in his everyday life. Despite his fortune, he resides in a four-bedroom apartment in California, a short distance from Compton, his native town. The apartment costs an estimated half a million dollars.

Kendrick Lamar | Image: Instagram/Kendricksworld
Kendrick Lamar | Image: Instagram/Kendricksworld


“Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence has garnered over $75 million since her foray into showbiz. Despite her alarming net worth, the young actress decided to make no major changes in her way of life before fame.

As of 2017, she still lived in the same apartment she secured before her life of fame. Additionally, she drives a budget-friendly car, hunts for deals, does her own shopping, and sees no need to employ an assistant to oversee her personal affairs.

So next time you think living up to celebrity standards meant going way beyond your budget, go over this shocking list of wealthy celebrities with frugal lifestyles and have a rethink.

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