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How Many Kids Does Kelly Clarkson Have? Everything We Know About The Singer’s Adorable Children

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Kelly Clarkson is not only a successful career woman but also a mother committed to raising her kids the right way against all the odds.

After dragging on for ages, Brandon and Kelly Clarkson finally reached a divorce settlement. Their months-long drama ended with the singer having to pay bogus amounts to her ex-husband in both spousal and child support.

But the highlight remained their joint custody of the youngsters, with Clarkson maintaining primary custody. As a result, the little ones would henceforth share their lives between living with their mom in Los Angeles and visiting their dad in Montana per their agreement.

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Kelly Clarkson and her kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Although having kids caught up in post-divorce drama is never a good sight, the kids seem to be pulling it off. Clarkson attributed these impressive coping abilities to their therapy sessions, admitting she sought therapy to help them deal with the divorce and resulting changes.

While the admission has been met with mixed reactions, there is no doubt her decision comes from a place of love. Let’s find out more about Kelly Clarkson’s kids and how she fares as a celebrity mom.

How Many Kids Does Kelly Clarkson Have?

Kelly Clarkson is a proud mom to two adorable children, whom she shares with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. The exes, who were married from 2013-2020, welcomed their first child together, River Rose, in 2014.

Two years after their daughter’s birth, the duo gave birth to son, Remington Alexander. Aside from her two biological children, Clarkson is also a stepmother to Blackstock’s two children, Samantha and Seth from his previous marriage.

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Meet River Rose Blackstock

River Rose Blackstock landed the planet on June 12, 2014, ultimately becoming the centre of her parent’s life. The youngster, now 8, is growing by leaps and bounds, picking up distinct traits that define her personality.

Like her mom, River boasts of blond locks and an easy-going personality that makes her lovable. Despite her young age, Clarkson already has an idea of what her daughter’s life may be like years from now.

She once described River as progressive and smart, also noting she would run her own company someday. According to the multi-talented entertainer, River was just too ballsy to work for anyone.

There is also the possibility of the young diva following in her famous mom’s footsteps. In fact, she already got an early start, starring in the music video of Kelly Clarkson’s songs, “Broken and Beautiful,” and “Piece by Piece.”

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Additionally, the little girl seems all set to take over her mom’s TV show. In April 2020, the starlet hosted a virtual segment of “The River Rose Show,” where she encouraged her viewers and the rest of the world to hold strong and remain optimistic amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Notably, River Rose has inspired at least two children’s books authored by her mom. They include “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby,” and “River Rose and the Magical Christmas.”

Kelly Clarkson and River Rose | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Remington Alexander Blackstock

On April 12, 2016, Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson became parents again following the arrival of their son. The boy, Remington “Remy” Alexander Blackstock, now shares the spotlight with his elder sister.

At six, Remy is yet to define his personality. However, Clarkson describes the little boy as the most sensitive of her kids. But that hasn’t stopped him from displaying bits of his wild, athletic traits. She once said of her son:

“I think he’s gonna be more of the athlete, just like, ‘How can I knock something over?’ He’s like the Tasmanian Devil—anything that can and will be destroyed is.”

Over the years, Remy has made several appearances on his mom’s Instagram page. He also accompanied his parents to various public events, like the red carpet premiere of “Ugly Dolls,” in late 2019.

Additionally, the youngster, alongside his sister has appeared on their mom’s talk show on occasions, making their hilarious contributions.

Kelly Clarkson never shies away from talking about her kids. She once opened up about her son’s speech defect, resulting from his difficulty hearing. Although the health issue pushed him back nine months, the boy is already making progress.

Kelly Clarkson's son Remy as a baby with his mom| Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Kelly Clarkson’s Step Kids

In addition to the two kids Kelly Clarkson shares with her ex-husband, the “Gone” crooner has two stepkids. Thankfully, she has a great relationship with them given their numerous appearances on her social media.

Her stepdaughter, Savannah Blackstock came into the world on June 7, 2002, during Blackstock’s marriage to health insurance agent Melissa Ashworth.

At 20, she appears to be building a path for herself already, nurturing her passion. A glimpse into her social media account portrays her as a talented budding equestrian, who already has numerous wins under her belt.

Meanwhile, Clarkson’s stepson, Seth Blackstock seems more of an entertainer than an athlete. He landed the planet on November 21, 2006, as Blackstock and Ashworth’s second child together. The 16-year-old grew up nurturing his talents and gearing up for a life in showbiz.

The mom of two once spoke fondly of her stepson, describing him as a cute, fun and creative kid. Going further, she noted that Seth was the “gamer,” of their brood and had the acting genes.

In 2015, Seth got an early start in showbiz, appearing at one of Clarkson’s shows where he sang and danced alongside her backup singers to a cover of “Uptown Funk.”

Kelly Clarkson's kids and step kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Does Kelly Clarkson Want More Kids?

Following Clarkson’s divorce from ex-husband, a source revealed that the former couple’s differing opinions about expanding their family contributed to their split.

According to the source, Kelly Clarkson has always been vocal about her desire to have more children. However, Blackstock frowned against the idea, as he had no intentions of having more kids.

These contrasting opinions, coupled with their packed work schedules and other factors worked to create tension in their relationship. After trying for years to make it work, the two finally reached a point of no return as their marriage became irreparably damaged.

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