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HomeNewsHeavy Storm Forces Evacuation as Water Levels Rise in Northeast Rivers

Heavy Storm Forces Evacuation as Water Levels Rise in Northeast Rivers

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Heavy Storm Forces Evacuation as Water Levels Rise in Northeast Rivers
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A dangerous storm ravaged the Eastern States of the US, causing a lot of destruction in its wake. From power outages across several states to flooding threats and destruction of homes, many residents had no choice but to evacuate their homes.

The storm was quite heavy and caused flooding in the New England states. They include Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire. Other states that the storms affected include northeast states like New Jersey and Iowa.

The storm left a lot of destruction in its wake, causing several forms of damage and emergencies. First, there were a lot of swollen waterways, which led to immediate evacuations. Multiple northeast rivers were affected, and water levels rose to flood stage. 

Therefore, some New Hersey and Connecticut residents who lived close to the Yantic River had to evacuate their homes. The river came before close to hitting a record-high level, and the water level damaged a dam. 

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Second, the storm got deadly across several states. At least four people died in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. In these states, the storms came with fierce winds, rain, and tornados. Therefore, it damaged some houses, and an 81-year-old woman lost her life after it flipped her mobile home multiple times. 

Since its start, the storm has generated 25 tornado reports across Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. There were also many cases of “significant damage” from the tornados. For instance, the century-old City Hall building collapsed in Bamberg, South Carolina.

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As with other cases of tornados, most flights were grounded and canceled until the storms reduced. Airlines canceled more than 1,350 flights and delayed more than 8,700 flights.

Some of these are due to the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max 9, but thunderstorms caused significant disruptions in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Florida, and North Carolina airports.

Since the storms were bad enough to ground flights, it was only logical that driving was extremely dangerous and difficult. In Iowa, they closed a section of Interstate 80 due to whiteout conditions that led to a multi-vehicle crash. Not far away in Kansas, the weather conditions were also terrible, leading to difficulties in driving. 

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Around 30 people, adults and children alike got stranded on roads with no hope of driving to safety. However, authorities rescued them and took them to a high school to await the blizzard. Much like this storm, another will ravage the same areas on Friday and possibly Saturday.

The storm will also take a similar pathway and might also affect the Southeast. River levels will remain elevated across much of the East and will likely be on the rise again once the next storm arrives at the end of the week and early weekend.

Maine’s Police Chief Jo-Ann Putnam told CNN, “I haven’t seen storm surge like this in years. We have a lot of debris on the roads, and water has come up through the homes.” 

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