Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Good Cops Flee Liberal Cities as Police Departments Hire Bad Eggs and Less Qualified Candidates in Their Place 

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According to United States Census Bureau stats, millions of people flee blue states yearly. Even more interesting is that law enforcement officers make up a good number of the “leftugees.” 

A Chicago Police Vehicle on Fire During the Georgle Floyd Protests
Source: SovMichael/X

Now, to the more problematic part. These positions are either left dangerously vacant for a long while or get filled up by unqualified candidates. 

First, we must answer the core question. What’s chasing our men and women in blue from Democrat-controlled cities? The answer is pretty obvious-democrats’ soft-on-crime policies. 

“If we have this same mindset going into 2024, I think we are going to explode into a state of Third World country anarchy that we’ve never seen before,” said Meagan McCarthy. McCarthy used to be a San Bernardino County deputy before she got involved in a potentially fatal incident.

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McCarthy responded first to a top priority call that involved Ari Young, a schizophrenic man. Young charged at her as she got to the house, punched her to the ground, and seized her gun. 

A video of the incident, which a neighbor captured on their cell phone, showed Young firing at McCarthy soon afterward. Luckily, none of them hit their target as the weapon jammed. 

Months later, a California jury let the suspect go free. This was after his defense claimed that Young had shot McCarthy in self-defense. 

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McCarthy came out of the experience with a black eye and a broken thumb and subsequently suffered PTSD and resigned from her job. McCarthy is just one of the many cops who have suffered a similar fate in blue cities. 

Since the death of George Floyd and the waves of violent protests that followed, there has been a growing resentment towards law enforcement. Sadly, democrat-controlled cities have encouraged and even enforced these sentiments.

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For instance, many progressive leaders have called for the defunding of the police. Liberal-led territories have generally cultivated policies that make policing more difficult and dangerous.

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Plus, progressive district attorneys are letting criminals, even highly violent offenders, off with a slap on the wrist. 

This kind of betrayal from the government is what has led to the mass exodus of cops to conservative cities. It also comes with several dire implications. 

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The police officers left will be overstretched and must take on compulsory overtime. There are also 911 response delays. These situations have deadly implications. 

Cops have lost their lives due to a lack of awareness brought about by fatigue from mandatory overtime. An example is Los Angeles Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, who lost his life in the line of duty. Clinkunbroomer was too exhausted to notice his killer approaching. 

Affected police departments have also begun to desperately fill up empty positions with less qualified candidates by removing the college requirement. Research has shown that the higher the academic qualification of a police officer, the less prone they are to the use of force. 

Lastly and even more terrifying, liberal-controlled police departments have begun to accept candidates with criminal records, including immigrants. These measures are weakening the effectiveness and integrity of these progressive cities where crime has become a more significant concern for the past few years. 

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