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Flynn Earl Jones: The Son Carrying On James Earl Jones’ Legacy

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Flynn Earl Jones is the only son of the legendary actor James Earl Jones. Here is everything we know about the celebrity child. 

Having a father as iconic as James Earl Jones means having some enormous shoes to fill, and his son, Flynn Earl Jones, has shown that he can more than fill said shoes. 

Who Is Flynn Earl Jones?

Flynn Earl Jones was born in California on June 22, 1982, to Hollywood stars James Earl Jones and Cecilia Hart. His parents met on the set of the short-lived CBS police drama series “Paris,” fell in love, and married soon after.

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Flynn Earl Jones
American Voice Actor Flynn Earl Jones. (Source: Pinterest)

His father, James, is an icon in the movie industry who gained fame as the voice of Darth Vader in “Star Wars,” and his success in Hollywood earned him a coveted EGOT status, meaning he won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony throughout his career. His mother, Cecilia Hart, was also a dominant actress but passed away in October 2016. 

The celebrity child grew up in California with his parents and was exposed to the world of glamour because both of his parents worked in the entertainment industry. Regarding the American star child’s education, he has not disclosed any information about his education or academic background. 

Despite having famous parents, Flynn has no social media profiles and prefers to stay out of the spotlight. However, he has stepped out to support his dad at several red-carpet events to show his support for the veteran. He has a career in the entertainment industry, following his parents’ footsteps, but not in the line many expected. 

Flynn Earl Jones’ Movies and Audiobooks

Flynn’s first movie appearance is often joked about to be alongside his mother before he was even born. His father, James, had joked about his debut in a revival of William Shakespeare’s “Othello” when his mother was pregnant during the play’s run. 

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The Earl Jones Family
The Earl Jones Family. (Source: Facebook)

Unlike his parents, Flynn did not go into the entertainment industry as an actor. Instead, he pursued a career in the audiobook industry, where he worked as a voice artist. He started his career as a voice artist in 1999 and is still doing so. 

After serving as his father’s assistant, Flynn quit to follow his passion for voice acting. With a unique voice like his father’s, he has narrated over 12 audiobooks on the platform Audible, including:

  • Heartthrob
  • Frozen Earth
  • Revenge
  • A Pure Solar World
  • Return
  • Bright Boulevards
  • Rift
  • The Big Front Yard
  • Bold Dreams
  • New Worlds

Flynn Earl Jones’ Wife

According to reports, Flynn married Lorena Monagas on November 29, 2019. The pair married in Tarrytown, New York, at the Tarrytown House Estate. Flynn has done a fantastic job concealing his relationship with minor to no trace of insights into his marital life available to the public. 

Like Flynn’s father, Monagas is an actress with an extensive repertoire of work in her portfolio. According to her website, Monagas has an MFA from The Academy for Classical Acting at the Shakespeare Theatre and George Washington University and a BFA in graphic design from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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She has also trained at The William Esper Studio, The Barrow Group in New York City, and Casa Cruz de la Luna in San Germán, Puerto Rico. Some of her movies include “Dry,” “Betrayal of a Nation,” “Japanese Borscht,” and “Taking Back the City.” Monagas remains an active actress with a couple of rumored upcoming projects. 

Flynn Earl Jones’ Net Worth 

The celebrity child’s net worth is unknown due to his ability to keep his life and assets private. Although his profession as a voice actor is known, there is no way to estimate Flynn’s net worth correctly.

James Earl James
Hollywood Actor and Legend James Earl James. (Source: Instagram)

Still, estimators have reportedly given an approximated guess of $10-$15 million at the very least. On the other hand, his father is estimated to have a net worth of $40 million as of July 2023. His mother, Cecilia, was worth an estimated $5 million at her death. 

Naturally, celebrity offspring enjoy inherent advantages, leveraging family connections to access career opportunities. Although we don’t know much about Flynn’s personal or social life, one can assume that he enjoys his parents’ fame. He remains an ongoing voice actor, cherishing his father’s bond, while the world anticipates his evolving career with interest.

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