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HomeNewsFlorida Governor Rejects Proposal for Floridians to Pay Trump’s Legal Fees

Florida Governor Rejects Proposal for Floridians to Pay Trump’s Legal Fees

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Florida Governor Rejects Proposal for Floridians to Pay Trump’s Legal Fees
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There may be limits to Ron DeSantis’ support for former president Donald Trump, and it’s beginning to show. The Florida governor canceled a Florida state senator’s proposal to use public funds to help pay for Trump’s mounting legal bills. 

Trump is facing several lawsuits which started hearings early in January. Therefore, he needs as much monetary support as he can get. Many Republicans from Florida came together to form an initiative to help him. 

They put together a proposal supported by state Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, named the “Freedom Fighters Fund.” This aimed to create a $5 million fund to provide financial support for any Florida resident running for president who faces legal action. 

As Trump is the only one this applies to, it is clear that they created it for his benefit. However, Governor DeSantis quenched this proposal before it went far. State Senator Ileana Garcia said they had no choice but to pull the bill.

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This was because DeSantis made it clear that he would veto the bill if they tried to pass it. As the governor has the right to veto this bill, Garcia and her fellow Republicans had to back down. 

This came as a surprise to some people as DeSantis recently declared his support for Trump. He dropped his own campaign for the presidential race recently, and now it’s a showdown between Trump and Nikki Haley. 

As a show of sportsmanship, Trump agreed to stop calling DeSantis his nickname, “DeSanctimonious.” Without a doubt, Trump needs all the help he can get as his court days are far from over. 

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The former president faces 91 felony charges in four different cases. One major one is conspiracy to defraud the US while trying to overturn his 2020 election loss. Another is falsifying records to cover up hush money he paid to an adult film actress.

The E Jean defamation case is also a huge case with several charges against him. Therefore, it is obvious why his legal bills are currently through the roof. His loyal supporters in power tried to help but could not get past DeSantis.

Their move to use public funds to pay his bills did not sit well with a lot of people. They believe that Trump should face the consequences of his actions and pay his bills himself. As a billionaire, surely he has a lot of expenses to spare. 

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Critics also believe paying his bills is somewhat illegal. Florida has a lot of sections that the proposed $5 million can help. From the migration crisis to their infrastructure, this money can help residents of Florida greatly. 

Furthermore, what happens when someone else demands this type of special assistance? Will the public pay every legal bill a politician needs help with? Clearly, many people are happy that the governor stopped the proposal before it got too far. 

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