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Five Powerful Songs by Nick Cannon and the Inspiration Behind Them

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Despite his seemingly carefree persona, songs written by Nick Cannon often have an insightful meaning that runs deeper than the lyrics.

Nick Cannon has made no secret of the fact that he regrets losing his chance with ex-wife Mariah Carey by messing things up. Over the years, he has made subtle references to his affection for the songstress with whom he shares two children.

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However, none has been more glaring than his latest song, “Alone,” released on Valentine’s Day 2022. The track not only referenced a woman who no doubt was Carey, but it also featured lyrics from his ex-wife’s single “Love Takes Time.”

Nick Cannon sings on stage | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Trust the media and the rest of the world to read meaning into the entertainer’s song. Reports that Cannon was pinning for his ex via the track soon flooded the media, forcing the multi-talented entertainer to defend himself.

While Cannon has since denied gunning for a second chance with his ex, having messed things up irreparably, he did drop a powerful message which made the world perceive “Alone” in a new light.

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This makes one wonder how many more of Cannon’s songs had powerful messages masked within the lyrics. Wondering the same thing? Here are five songs by Nick Cannon which have powerful inspirations and deeper meanings.

1. “Can I Live

Nick Cannon debuted his track, “Can I Live” in 2005, featuring Anthony Hamilton. The rap featured powerful lyrics referencing a seventeen-year-old mom about to undergo an abortion.

Canon appears to be the soon-to-be aborted child in question, begging his teenage mom not to go through with the “Knife incision.”

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In the music video, set in an abortion clinic, the young mom indeed appeared indecisive. Somewhere outside, protesters stood in the rain protesting against the act. Ultimately, many listeners assumed the rapper released the song to make a political statement.

However, Nick Cannon has since cleared the air. Following the release of the track, the TV host spoke to interviewers about the inspiration behind his lyrics, saying he was simply thanking his mom for being strong.

To date, “Can I Live” remains one of the most insightful songs by Nick Cannon.

2. “Motivation”

In 2018, Nick Cannon released another masterpiece titled “Motivation,” with Ncredible Gang. The lyrics feature love affirmations, making it seem he was dishing out odes to a special lady.

However, the music video for the track, released on International Women’s Month, told a different tale. The black and white themed video featured interviews with several elderly women, starting from his then-98-year-old great-grandmother.

Each woman extensively shared their wisdom with the world, especially what keeps them motivated. Most answers centred on positivity, self-love and faith.

Speaking on what inspired him to deviate from his usual raunchy music and go all-serious, Canon gave credit to his great-grandmother.

He explained how he felt challenged to write the song after his great-grandmother let him know she was disappointed in him and his questionable content.

Rather than become passive-aggressive, he rose to the challenge and decided to create content that could finally touch others.

3. “The Gospel Of Ike Turnup: My Side Of The Story”

2016 saw Nick Cannon release a series of groundbreaking tracks under the Mixtape, “The Gospel Of Ike Turnup: My Side Of The Story.”

The album convincingly depicted Canon as the victim of the media scrutiny that has surrounded him in the last decade. The mixtape was intended to give a voice to the villainized rapper, and tell the stories of him flooding the media from his own perspective.

Speaking on the motivation behind the mixtape, which features songs like “My Side Of The Story,” the star divulged:

“It was inspired mostly by “What’s Love Got To Do With It. One of my favorite films.”

He explained how like him, Ike Turner was villainized, but never got to tell his side of the story. Hence, by speaking out in his song, Nick Cannon hoped to set things right for both Turner and himself.

4. “One Night (Tupac Interlude)

As with the name, “One Night (Tupac Interlude),” Nick Cannon’s single from his 2016 mixtape paid tribute to legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.

Cannon admitted he had the most fun coming up with the project. This was especially so, as it allowed him to incorporate both music and spoken word.

Asked what inspired him to create the masterpiece, Cannon admitted he wanted to pay homage to all the 90s songs that inspired him to start singing. More importantly, he wanted to pay homage to Tupac, his biggest inspiration as an artist.

5. “Alone”

If you’re reading this, you probably already heard about the media frenzy Nick Cannon attracted in February 2022, after releasing his track, “Alone.”

The song referenced a lost love he wished he could get back even if it meant trading everything. It also featured direct samples from his ex-wife, Mariah Carey’s 1990 single, “Love Takes Time.”

Ultimately, many interpreted it as Cannon gunning for his ex, with whom he shares twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe Cannon. Who could blame them?

The father-of-eight, who has a reputation for impregnating singers and models and having multiple kids noted in his lyrics that no matter how much he wanted his mysterious love back, he knew she was better off without him given his numerous baby mama dramas.

During an interview in the wake of the song’s release, Cannon denied trying to get back his ex. He however admitted to sampling her old track and singing about her.

But rather than doing so as an attempt to win her back, the icon noted the song was in fact his way of owning up to all his flaws and mistakes. To him, expressing how much he messed up through music was therapeutic.

Perhaps the 40-year-old rapper, actor, comedian and TV presenter is not as wild, cynical and villainous as the media has made him out to be. On the contrary, these songs by Nick Cannon show a much deeper side of the icon, often considered shallow due to his out-of-control romantic escapades.

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