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 Were Lori Harvey and Trey Songz Ever an Item? A Look Back at Their Relationship

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Lori Harvey and Trey Songz made headlines in 2019 for their supposed romance which neither ever confirmed. The relationship ended as mysteriously as it begun, leaving several unanswered questions on people’s lips.

Steve Harvey makes no secret of his favorite among all the guys Lori Harvey has dated. In fact, his bias towards his daughter’s current beau Michael B. Jordan is pardonable when one considers her questionable list of exes.

These former relationships have not exactly ended well either, nor portrayed her in a good light. Her on and off romance with Future ended in a messy breakup, followed by a diss track unleashed on her by the rapper.

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Before that, she had a thing with Trey Songz, which was first brought to light after Future dropped an angry remark about Lori “ducking too late,” in reaction to a photo of the model and Songz enjoying a steamy moment together.

Lori Harvey and Trey Songz | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Around that time, the young beauty was embroiled in rumors linking her to Sean Diddy, his son Justin Combs and athlete Lewis Hamilton. She appeared to address these rumors months later, saying most reports about her dating these famous men went unconfirmed. 

Going further, Lori expressed how frustrating it was to have people think the worst of her based on speculations. Although she did not outrightly debunk the rumors, one can’t but wonder which of these men she actually dated.

While hoping to get the record straight, let’s dive into one of Lori Harvey’s most publicized affairs, her relationship with Trey Songz.

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Did Lori Harvey and Trey Songz Ever Date?

Yes, it appears Lori Harvey and Trey Songz had a thing for about a year. Reports about their romance and public sightings of the then-couple in compromising positions during the period suggest so.

That, coupled with Future’s comments on a picture of Lori leaning on to Trey Songz suggested something was brewing between the duo.

Additionally, the two featured on each other’s social media. Lori even shared a picture of them coupled up, along with a brow-raising caption that seemed like a confirmation.

The Onset of Lori Harvey And Songz’s Relationship

Although the exact timeline of their relationship remains vague, Trey Songz and Lori Harvey were first linked in 2018. 

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Tongues began to wag in December of that year after photos of the twosome enjoying a shopping trip in Beverly Hills together surfaced.

Rapper, Future, who has also been linked to Lori, addressed the photos on Instagram, saying she “ducked too late.” Sources also reported sighting them partying together at a club in Los Angeles.

Weeks later, Lori Harvey and Trey Songz appeared to be done sneaking around as they rang in the new year together. PDA-packed photos of the lovebirds frolicking in New York City flooded the media, suggesting they spent Christmas and New year in each other’s company.

Following weeks of speculations, Songz appeared to confirm the rumors when he shared a photo of Lori on his Instagram. The shot featured the model donning a shimmering gold dress.

Coincidentally, the night prior, shots of a lady donning the same outfit while wrapping herself around Songz raised brows. Many wondered about the identity of the daring chic, who was only captured from behind during Trey Songz’s San Francisco Performance on New year’s eve. Trey’s post seemingly confirmed the mystery woman was none other than Steve Harvey’s daughter.

Lori Harvey Confirmed The Relationship

Weeks after the media went abuzz with news of Trey Songz’s new bae, Lori seemed to offer some confirmation of her own.

Taking to Instagram, the social media sensation shared a loved up photo of her and Songz cradling each other sweetly. Via the caption, she confirmed, “it is what it is,” putting the rumors to rest for good.

Lori Harvey and Trey Songz | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Lori Harvey And Trey Songz Hit A Rough Path

Despite their 13 years age difference, Lori and Trey Songz’s relationship blossomed for a while. However, things took a rough turn when they became embroiled in cheating rumors.

Adult film actress Britney Jones claimed to have an affair with the R&B singer who was still dating Lori. Reportedly, she opened up about the romance to The Shade Room, accusing Songz of hitting on her through social media and gearing off their affair.

As proof of her account, Jones shared Ultrasound photos on social media, claiming to be pregnant with Trey Songz’s child.

According to the actress, she had no idea Songz was two-timing until Future addressed their coupledom in his Instagram video. It dawned on her then that the rapper played her for a fool, prompting her to ghost him.

Neither Lori nor her 37-year-old beau seemed bothered by the actress’ claims, as they continued posting about each other and enjoying loved-up moments.

Trey Welcomed A Baby For Real

Months later, another scandal rocked their relationship when the “Can’t Help But Wait,” crooner announced the birth of his son, Noah in April 2019.

In a surprising twist, the boy, who remains Songz’s only child, was not from Britney Jones, but from another woman, Caro Colon.

Many expected the child’s birth to spell doom for the couple, who never publicly addressed their romance. Surprisingly, Lori seemed cool with it, again. She even took to Instagram to congratulate her beau on his new baby, adding how happy she was for him.

Why Did Lori And Trey Songz Split?

It appears there is a limit to what even the tough youngest daughter of Steve Harvey could take. After seemingly dating for about a year, Lori Harvey finally walked away from her affair with Trey Songz.

As with their relationship, neither of them addressed their split, hence the exact time it happened is unknown. Meanwhile, many have attributed the breakup of the famous exes to Songz’s new baby announcement in April that year. But things do not look that way considering how excited the SKIN founder seemed following Noah’s birth.

Trey Songz and his son Noah | Image: Pinterest
Trey Songz and his son Noah | Image: Pinterest

Lori and Trey Songz even appeared to have it all together for a while after that until fans noticed she removed all traces of the rapper from her social media pages. She soon became linked to Lewis Hamilton, Justin Combs and Future, serving as final confirmation her chapter with Songz had ended for good.

Whatever the case might have been, Lori is certainly in a better place now with “Creed” star, Michael B. Jordan, after a tumultuous love adventure.

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