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Fans React to News of Kim and Kanye’s Divorce and It Is Okay to Say No One Saw It Coming

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Since the news of an impending divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dropped, several fans and foes have reacted to the shocking revelation.

Reality star, Kim Kardashian would most likely be demanding a divorce from her husband of six years, Kanye West per recent speculations. Information received from several sources confirmed that their marriage had hit rock bottom, leaving the duo at their wits’ end. 

Since the news broke, the media have experienced a field day dissecting the ins and outs of the underlying familial rift that may have led to the power couple’s separation.

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Fans have also shared their take on the incident, taking to various platforms to portray their reactions. Many expressed sadness over the incident on social media, relaying their pains and tears. Some tried to make light of the situation, turning to sarcastic gimmicks. One tweeted:

“Wow, Kanye and Kim are set to divorce? After naming their kids like all directions finally, things have gone south.”

Another attempt at sarcasm implied that the couple needed to inform their daughter, North West, that things could “go south” sometimes. This tweet attracted several hilarious comments from Netizens. Others reacted using various hilarious memes, all targeted at Kim and Kanye’s breakup.


Agreeably, the Kardashian-West clan experienced a particularly turbulent 2020, all the while letting off steam suggestive of marital troubles. From Kanye West’s controversial presidential campaign to the hip hop star’s continuous rants on Twitter about divorcing his wife.

The situation was “way more serious” this time

Yet, the two managed to scale through the difficulties, with Kim at the forefront of explaining away her husband’s behavior.

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Kanye and Kim seemed alright for a while after their supposed reconciliation. However, a source revealed shortly after that despite their seeming reconciliation, the two led separate lives. The holidays came along, and the couple raised brows with their decision to spend it apart, with Kanye roughing it in Wyoming. Speaking on the arrangement, a source disclosed:

“Kim got Kanye to go up there so they could live separate lives and quietly get things sorted out to separate and divorce. She’s done.”

Another informant confirmed that the duo was already discussing the divorce settlements. The source added that although the pair had discussed splitting on previous occasions, the situation was “way more serious” this time. 


The Hollywood sweethearts have been open about Kanye’s battle with bipolar disorder, which many have pinpointed as the underlying reason for their split.

As most may recall, the mental disorder nearly crushed the couple’s marriage last July, following the singer’s Twitter meltdown. Prior to the Twitter rants, which earned him a suspension from the platform, the icon declared his intention to run for president.

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The brow-raising move resulted in excessive spending on presidential campaigns. In one of such campaigns, he admitted to almost opting to abort the baby when Kim was pregnant with North. His admissions, as well as other scandalous episodes, heightened the friction between them.

The couple eventually resolved their differences. Kim later apologized for some of Kanye’s offensive posts, asking the public to bear with them as he battled bipolar disorder. Given these new assertions of divorce, however, it is safe to say that no one saw it coming.

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