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Everything We Know About the Kadarshians’ New Show on Hulu

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The Kardashians just returned to the screens in a new light barely a year after their family reality show “KUWTK” came to an end, and fans can’t stop raving.

Kris Jenner’s family announced their new show in 2021, set to follow the lives of the momager and her daughters. The announcement came as a much-anticipated satisfaction for fans who have been left hanging since the family’s long-running show ended.

Unlike “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” though, the Kardashians new show would not air on E! network. Furthermore, it might exclude appearances from “KUWTK” regulars like Kaitlyn Jenner and Kanye West.

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The Kardashians use for their reality show | Everything We Know About the Kadarshians’ New Show on Hulu
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The show would likely take a different path from what fans are used to owing to the change in executives, production crew and showrunners.

Since the revelation months ago, millions of households have kept their fingers crossed in anticipation. With the release date finally here, many have gotten glimpses into the show, and have tons to say about it.

So a new show, new stakeholders, a different network but the same family? The Kardashians’ new show without a doubt has numerous mysteries to unfold. Let’s dive in shall we?

Do The Kardashians Have A New Show?

After fourteen years and twenty seasons of letting fans in on every tidbit about their lives and inner circle, the Kardashian-Jenner family finally threw in the curtain, announcing the end of “KUWTK.”

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In fact, an insider at the time explained that the sisters and their mom decided to walk away from reality shows because they considered themselves famous enough, and capable of making their money without a reality show.

But it appears the family of stars could not keep away from the TV screens for so long. Shortly after the gut-wrenching announcement of the end of “KUWTK,” Hulu revealed the family signed a multi-year deal with them.

Kris Jenner later confirmed the news, and how excited they were over their partnership with Hulu and Star. Other members of the famous clan also took to social media to gush about the deal.

Following months of anticipation, the streaming platform dropped teasers about what to expect finally revealing a new show, titled “The Kardashians” was on the way.

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What Is “The Kardashians” About?

The Kardashians’ partnership with Disney to create a global content is a major milestone for the renowned family.

Going by the synopsis which reads, “The Kardashian/Jenner family bring their exciting next chapter to Hulu in this new, intimate journey into their lives,” this new show would certainly break barriers and portray Kris and her daughters from a different perspective.

Kendall Jenner confirmed this in the show’s trailer, promising viewers a glimpse into “a whole new side of the family.”

Kim, who has been in a relationship with Pete Davidson, couldn’t agree more, describing the deal as a new chapter. In an interview ahead of the show’s debut, Kim revealed her family’s new reality show would dive into previously unknown details about her relationship with Davidson.

The trailer also promised viewers footage of Kim’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut. Additionally, the show would explore details about Kim’s divorce from Kanye West and Kourtney’s romance and engagement to Travis Barker.

Kylie’s second pregnancy journey, childbirth and the relationship between Khloe and Tristain Thompson would also have their screen time.

Hulu Paid The Family $100 Million

The streaming giant spared no expense to get the world-famous family to sign the deal and produce new content.

It was reported that the streaming platform paid the Kardashian-Jenner family a whopping $100 million to kickstart their new journey. This bogus sum was shared equally between Kris and her daughters. That way, they could avoid future conflicts about who earned the most or other undesirable issues.

“The Kardashians” Premiered On April 14

As announced months prior, “The Kardashians” premiered on April 14, attracting millions of viewers across the United states and worldwide.

During the premiere episode, fans got to see Kim revisit her 2007 sex tape scandal after a supposed unreleased footage mysteriously surfaced. It also reintroduced viewers to members of the famous family, and some significant men in their lives.

The ultra-cinematic intro into the new show on the premiere episode gave us some idea of what to expect from subsequent episodes: A detailed insight into Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall’s personal lives as they navigate the business world and relationships.

How To Watch “The Kardashians”

Fans of the kardashian and Jenner family can watch the new show across various designated platforms. People residing within the United States and its environs can easily stream the show on Hulu.

In the UK, “The Kardashians” streams on Disney+, with new episodes of the show released weekly. New and existing subscribers can tune in to access the show.

Is A New Reality Show Really Necessary?

Many would argue that a new show portraying the lives of the Kardashians and Jenners is irrelevant, especially after keeping up with them for fourteen years.

Given how much this fan-favorite, yet critically panned family flaunt on social media, one hardly requires an onscreen show to keep tabs on them these days. But then again, just how much can the sisters and their momager post on social media?

Since Kim’s robbery incident years back, the family have clamped down on sharing their lavish lifestyle on the gram, clipping it down to mere glimpses.

Even on their show, later seasons seem to portray more of relationships and familial conflicts, which is a lot in the drama department. However, in their effort to keep viewers glued and put safety first, many would argue that at some point, the showrunners lost foresight of what kept us keeping up with the Kardashians in the first place: Their barrier-breaking, norm-defying influence in pop culture.

With the new show on Hulu promising that and more, plus mindblowing teasers promising some juicy insights into ongoing relationships, scandals and the numerous businesses run by the Kardashians, there seems to be something worth the watch.

Millions of Kardashian-Jenner devotees seem to think so too. Following the show’s premiere, news outlets reported that “The Kardashians” had the biggest United States premiere in Hulu’s history.

Garnering an impressive viewership within a short time is not unexpected for the Kardaeshain-Jenner family, who spent the last fifteen years redefining everything the world deemed acceptable, from beauty to fashion.

So far, they’ve made their mark in the modeling industry, reality television, the business world and across social media platforms. It feels good to finally have the Kardashians/Jenners back on our screens with new rules, new milestones and more drama.

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